Holy Wi-Fi!

Holy Wi-Fi!I took a trip with my family in November to Chicago. We stayed in the Hyatt in downtown Chicago across the street from what appeared to be a high-rise apartment building. I’ve never seen so many Wi-Fi access points! The good news for the owners is that just a couple of them were unsecured. Are you sure your Wi-Fi network secured?

Oh, and for those people who do the “FBI Surveillance Van” gag – do you really think anyone would be dumb enough to believe that the FBI would announce themselves over a wireless network? And if they were that dumb, would they really be setting up their own wireless network?

  • Keith Smith

    I notice that a couple of the unsecured ESSIDs are guest networks. I’m optimistically thinking that maybe they’ve setup some sort of traffic shaping or proxy on their guest network that while it allows access authentication without a password, it still provides for some sort of network shaping and restriction.  Optimistic indeed.

  • Usually those guest networks let you on, but you must “log in” to a web front-end to get any traffic passing. And the Hyatt network is obviously for guests. But that poor dlink network is probably being abused 🙂

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