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+27686795035 How to cast a miscarriage spell/ Abortion spell to someone unknowingly
Casting a miscarriage spell is no different from casting any other type of spells like love spells, obsession spells, and spells to make some rich or successful in business. While it’s true that miscarriage spells are often categorized under black magic spells, they are not meant to be used to cause harm to people – whether people that are close to you or total strangers.
Like every other thing in life, casting a spell, especially a powerful miscarriage spell has requires you to follow laid down steps and processes. If you follow the process as instructed by your spell caster, you won’t have any challenges realizing your goal. Speaking of goals, Spellcaster Maxim has shared his experience on what to expect ordering a miscarriage spell spell
In his post, Spellcaster Maxim touched on several important issues that have been raised whenever black magic spells for miscarriage are been discussed. He touched on the punishment for using a miscarriage spell (for those who are planning or nurturing thoughts of using miscarriage spells to harm innocent people because they feel they are power-drunk), what a miscarriage spell can cause, and how getting a professional spell caster like Spellcaster Maxim will save you from dealing with dark forces or failed magic spells.
What is a miscarriage spell?
Black magic spells to cause miscarriage
Without beating around the bush, the purpose of casting a miscarriage spell is well known to virtually everyone. For the benefit of first-timers and those who are not familiar with how miscarriage spells work or how to cast a miscarriage spell, these spells (speaking of spells for miscarriage) are mostly used to prevent pregnancies from reaching their full term.
Having mentioned that, it is also important to note that miscarriage spells are quite similar to abortion spells and they pretty much serve the same purpose. However, it will be misleading if we don’t clarify how miscarriage spells work and why people use them.
To have everyone on the same page on this topic, let’s take a look at an instance where a woman cast a miscarriage spell on another woman with whom her husband is having extramarital affairs. This story was shared by Spellcaster Maxim and it is very relevant to our subject of discussion — how to cast a miscarriage spell.
So, the story goes thus:
After several years of marriage, a woman found out that her spouse is having an affair with another lady. The husband’s several escapades with his lover went unnoticed until he started losing interest in his wife and kids ( at this time they had two kids between them). This sudden turn of events made her suspicious and she became inquisitive.
Sadly, she was faced with a bitter reality or what some people call the sad reality. She found out that her husband has another lover who is already pregnant for him outside wedlock. Out of anger and also in an attempt to protect her family she decided that she wasn’t going to lose her husband to another woman. The fact that the husband is the breadwinner of the family made her more anxious because she couldn’t imagine how hard life will be for her and the kids if the man got another family outside and turn his back on them. Amidst the pool of thoughts and confusion, she opted to use a miscarriage spell to make the other woman lose her pregnancy.
If you are wondering whether the stop pregnancy spell she ordered worked, yes, it did and it even prompted the man to back off from his extramarital affair and return home to his family. According to the account from Spellcaster Maxim, the man never looked at another woman and never went back to his old habits.
But that is not all!
If the story has ended there, it would have been a happy ending for the wife. However, things didn’t quite go as expected. The woman in question started to experience what she described as a streak of bad luck which led her to regret why she used the voodoo miscarriage spell. She complained to Spellcaster Maxim that she experienced strange diseases including menstrual disorder.
After some time, she had to undergo surgery on her ovary that will most likely prevent have from ever getting pregnant. Now, this is a typical example of how black magic spells can affect the caster if it’s not probably cast or the rituals are not properly performed.
What are the dangers of casting black magic spells to cause miscarriage?
It’s understandable when couples decide to use voodoo abortion spells to induce miscarriage because they are not ready to start a family or they lack the financial capacity to raise the child and give it a better life.
On the other hand, some people derive joy seeing others going through something a painful as losing a child. Yes, losing a child. Some people might argue that the fetus is not a child yet and it shouldn’t be regarded as a living being.
People can call it whatever they want (and tell themselves whatever makes them sleep well at night). According to Spellcaster Maxim, the effects of voodoo abortion spells or hoodoo spells for miscarriage are equal to murder because you are taking life (regardless of whether the fetus is completely formed or not).
What that means is, whoever is casting Wiccan abortion spells or a powerful miscarriage spell is upsetting the natural balance of events and that comes with consequences. An example of such consequences is the ordeals that the woman from Spellcaster Maxim’s story is going through. Spellcaster Maxim went on to explain that like other murder or death witchcraft, miscarriage spells are almost always trailed by kickbacks from higher authorities.
What are the consequences of using voodoo abortion spells?
Casting miscarriage spells
The consequences of casting voodoo abortion spells or using spells to cause miscarriage against another person for no just reason is not a pretty one or an experience to look forward to.
Recall that magic spells draw their powers from higher authorities who decide people’s fate or their destiny. Whenever the thought of using spells for miscarriage crosses your mind, you should always step on the brakes for a second and ask yourself if what you intend to achieve with black magic miscarriage spells, the curse of miscarriage, spells for abortion, or curse of miscarriage is worth it.
Always be mindful of the karmic law when casting magic spells
Recall that, there is such thing as the karmic law in magic practice. The karmic law seeks to discourage ill-fated decisions and deter the selfish use of magic spells. It is believed that whatever you wish someone using magic spells, either white magic or black magic, will come back to you in three folds.
Think about it, if you have used voodoo spells to make someone have a miscarriage or prevent them from getting pregnant (using a stop pregnancy spell), what do you think the consequences will be if the spell kicks back and make a U-turn headed straight for the caster.
You may be thinking to yourself that you are a man and miscarriage spells don’t affect men. If that’s your thought, you should have a rethink because magic spells have the same impact on both males and females and it’s also not hindered by distance or status. While miscarriage spells can be used to induce a miscarriage, their powers don’t end there.
For men, some of the punishments for using miscarriage spells to avenge a wrong or harm people whenever you feel like is that it can cause mental disorders and reproductive system problems. According to Spellcaster Maxim, men who go out of their way to cast miscarriage spells out of anger or spite, have also had to deal with kidney and heart diseases.
Always keep your intentions pure and opt for the best miscarriage spell caster
Keeping your intentions pure and opting for the best spell caster to handle your case sums up the answer for how to cast a miscarriage spell. As we have hinted severally in this piece, you mustn’t compromise on finding a legitimate online miscarriage spell caster.
If you are lackadaisical in choosing a voodoo miscarriage spell caster, you will be putting yourself in direct line of fire if the spell goes wrong. For instance, you may be dealing with a fake spell caster without knowing it and it will be too late before you realize it.
Suppose you have already cast the spell and it fails the spell will most likely head back to you and the caster. An amateur spell caster won’t tell you about this possible retaliation and will leave you vulnerable to the attack (after protecting himself).
Why should you choose Spellcaster Maxim for voodoo miscarriage spells?
Gimmicks or shams are only after your money and they don’t care if you get hit by the dark forces or not. All they care about is finding cunny ways of making you path with your money and it is for this reason that Spellcaster Maxim always comes recommended for people who need help casting miscarriage spells or removing curse to cause a miscarriage.
As you can imagine, powerful miscarriage spells require rituals to make them potent. As such, powerful miscarriage spells often cost a bit more to cast. However, Spellcaster Maxim offers his services at affordable prices. That way, you don’t have to run to a scam spell caster for the solution to your problems.
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