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Avatarapronqueentwo asked 7 years ago

I want to break off from using xfinity internet service but don’t know how or what to buy. It will help me as a senior on fixed income lower my cable bill. I need high speed to stream movies and support my computer. Is it possible? I just hate the high cable bill and how they bundle

Avatarapronqueentwo replied 7 years ago

I moved to a senior apt bldg in Frederick, Md

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

To be able to answer this question specifically, I would need to know where you live at a minimum to figure out what services are available to you. In general, usually you can look at your local telephone company besides your cable company for high speed Internet. However, you may also have some other options as well. But if you’re going to be stuck with cable, then you may look at eliminating your TV service and only go with the Internet service, since so many shows are available streaming now. But you aren’t alone in not liking how cable companies offer their services!