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Avatarpetelamp asked 7 years ago

Hi Marcel:
i recently upgraded to the top TWC internet speed 300/25.  I upgraded the modem as required by TWC for the 300/25 service.  When I connect my desktop computer directly to the modem, I get the full speed when running speed test (actully get over 300mbs). However, when I  connect the modem to my dlink DIR-825 and then connect my desktop to the router (all hardwired), the speed drops to about 150/5.  It seems that I may need a new router, have you heard of this before?  the DIR-825 supports gigabit, so I am not sure why the spped drop is so dramatic, parfticularly the upload speed.

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

The DIR-825 is a router that was released in 2009, so I would not be surprised if it simply doesn’t have the horsepower to run that fast, even if it has gigabit ports, it may only support gigabit speeds on the local network. Back in 2009, 100 Mbps or more was virtually unheard of in home or small businesses, so they simply didn’t need to build them to that type of spec. Plus if your router is over a certain age, it could simply be not working as well as it did originally. I would go ahead and plan on getting a new router to take advantage of the 300 Mbps service.