Best wireless router for 30 mbps

Technology QuestionsBest wireless router for 30 mbps
Avatarsarakfletcher asked 7 years ago
Avatarsarakfletcher replied 7 years ago

Hello, We have 30 mbps home internet that is DSL. We have a 3 year old Apple router and our connection is very faulty. We stream on two devices generally – a laptop and tablet, sometimes a phone. This is for online collaborative drawing boards and sometimes sites to watch movies, hear music. I was looking at Asus routers – perhaps AC5300 (expensive!) or AC3100/3150? I think AC1900 is not good enough for our needs? Also, I don’t even know if I should be looking at “AC” model routers! Thank you so much! Sara

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

For 30 Mbps, just about any modern router will serve you well. 30 Mbps is now considered relatively slow. Still you might want to look at a router than can handle 100 Mbps + connections in case you upgrade in the near future. Generally the Linksys EA3500 or similar router will work well, but now the Linksys EA6350 is selling for around $80 and is plenty powerful for most needs, including higher end applications.