Fibre optic wireless router?

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AvatarTracy Hannah asked 8 years ago

We currently have a cisco 2900 router and a seperate ADSL wireless router. In 2013 we upgraded to fibre optic broadband 1:1 connection. A Wireless router was not available. so my question is , Is one available now that will support 100MBPG AND PPPoe authentication, business grade?

AvatarHassaan Ahamed replied 8 years ago

Marcel Recently We installed 100MBPS fiber connection and when i Connect directly to ISP modem I am Getting almost 95 to 98 MBPS. Then I configured the Cisco WAG320N router for connecting with my LAN. After wards I cannot able to reach the speed more than 30 MBPS. So please suggest me how can I get the full speed with any other routers. EA6500 is ok or any other please suggest ASAP.RegardsHasan