Getting router to support 400 mbps download speed

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Avatarrwelsh24 asked 5 years ago

I have a Linksys AC1750 EA7400 gigabit router (about 1 year old) that says it supports 450 mbps speeds.  When I connect my laptop (Dell Precision M4600 i7 2860QM 2.5 GHz 32 mB RAM) directly to the cable modem supplied by Spectrum cable company, I get over 400 mbps download and about 20 mbps upload speeds. However, when I connect through the router, I get a max download speed of about 28 mbps and an upload speed of about 20 mbps.  I’ve reset the modem and the router, installed the latest router firmware, and looked at all the info I can find on the internet but can’t figure out why I’m not getting around 400 mbps speeds through my router. Called Linksys support and they suggested installing the latest firmware (no difference) or upgrading to a faster router (even though my EA7400 claims to support 450 mbps speed). Any help would be appreciated.

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 5 years ago

Are you connecting to the router through a wired or wireless connection? If you are connected wirelessly, try a wired connection to the router to rule out wireless problems. If the problem is only with wireless, then the question becomes is the issue with the router or your computer? You would need to test with other devices to see where the problem is rooted.

If the problem exists when you are wired, the fact that your computer can get 400 Mbps directly to the cable modem effectively rules out that your computer is the problem. Most likely the issue is a malfunctioning router at that point, or possibly some sort of odd interaction between your router and the cable modem. I would suggest doing a factory reset of your router if nothing else works. If that fails, then I would try a new router. Even though it is only a year old, it may be malfunctioning.

Avatarrwelsh24 answered 5 years ago

Thanks for the quick response. The problem is with the wired connection; I am not using wireless. When I connect an ethernet cable directly from the cable modem to my laptop, I get speeds of 400mbps+ download and 20mbps upload. Then, when I switch the same ethernet cable back to the router, the speed goes down to 27mbps or so download; the upload speed remains the same as the direct connection.  I reset the modem and the router several times without any change.  I finally got a new router from the cable company and now I’m getting the specified 400mbps+ speeds, but I’m really angry that the Linksys gigabit router I bought a year ago does not perform as it states in the product literature—it’s false advertising as far as I’m concerned.  No more Linksys products for me!
Thanks again for your assistance.

Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 5 years ago

You mention that you reset the modem and router several times. But did you do a “factory reset” of the router? I’m curious if that would have had any effect.

What was the model of the Linksys router? Most likely, if a factory reset did not work, is that the router was malfunctioning. Certainly a modern router would not top out at 27 Mbps speeds. There must be a problem with it somehow.