MacKeeper and iCloud on screen of computer.

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AvatarBarbyg asked 7 years ago

I have had messages to add MacKeeper on my Mac. Is this a legit program and is it worth getting? I did not ask to get it but had a window open up on my screen about it? Also, is iCloud safe to use. A window has also opened up that asks me to enter my ICloud password. This also was on my screen, and not in an e-mail. I just wanted to know if these are legit.

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

I consider MacKeeper to be a very questionable software. On one hand, it can do some things that are potentially helpful. However, the manner in which MacKeeper is marketed plus the extent to which it is actually useful straddles the line of good ethics. The bottom line is that you do not NEED MacKeeper. Every function it does, of which many are questionable as to just how helpful they actually are, can be done without the need of an additional utility. I think MacKeeper is marketed to the many number of people who switched to Mac from Windows machines and are exploiting their conditioning to the need to constantly maintain Windows in order to keep it running well. Macs really need almost no maintenance beyond a period disk check (fsck). The bottom line is that I do not recommend you use it. Here is a good article discussing MacKeeper iCloud is a legitimate service from Apple. If you changed your iCloud password you will be prompted to enter it on your Mac. There are some other legitimate scenarios where your Mac will ask you for your iCloud password if it has somehow “lost” it. Just be careful that the message prompting you is actually your Mac, not some web site scam page.