Modem to purchase

AvatarSmith John asked 6 years ago

I switched to a new internet service that uses full fiber optic @ 100 Mbps service. I can buy a modem and avoid the rental cost of the one installed. The technician told me that the backplane has to be able to handle 100 mg. I went to Best Buy and they said they don’t carry for fiber optic. The one that I rent is from Actiontec model T3200M, but they only sell it to the provider. I’m not looking for an expensive one, but it has to be compatible and do the job. Any suggestions on a name, model and where to buy from will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 5 years ago

I would suggest that you continue to rent the modem from your provider so that in case there are any problems, they are responsible to fix them. For the cost of purchasing your own, combined with the possibility that if there is a problem it will be on you to troubleshoot the issue since the provider can claim that it is not their equipment, it is just easier to rent.