Mr Trevor

AvatarTrevor asked 6 years ago

We have a MPLS system supplied by a network service provider via their sales team. Our bandwith (bearer) is 1024mg but the router they supplied can only handle 100mg. We now want to achieve a speed of 1 gb and have been told by them we will need a new router costing several thousand pounds. The limitation of the router was not mentioned at point of sale and had we known it did not fit with the bandwidth we would not have proceeded. We consider this is misspelling and want the supply of a new router that matches with our bandwidth at no extra cost. Has the sales team a duty to point out the limitations on the system provided or should we have checked this out before going ahead?

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 6 years ago

This is a tricky situation because you say they supplied the router. Why would they supply a router of only 100 Mbps for a 1 gigabit service? Was this router provided for a previous level of service? If they had provided the router for another service offering, then technically speaking they didn’t really need to disclose the fact that you would need a new router, since it could be reasonably expected that the customer would know their equipment. However, reality is that they could have been courteous and discussed this issue with you. Whether they should provide you a router at no cost is an entire matter altogether. If it were my business, I would probably try to offer you some incentive to make you happy. Also, I would think a new router that can handle 1 gigabit service shouldn’t be all that expensive. Maybe a couple hundred US Dollars, if that.