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AvatarAlan asked 6 years ago

I just upgraded our internet service with Comcast to 250 mbps extreme which is the new DOCSIS 3.1, so I replace the old modem with a new Arris SB8200. When hooked directly to the modem, I get 265 mbps, but running in through the old router (Netgear FVS336g v1) I have, brings it down to 65mbps. What router would you recommend to get most if not all the speed? I was looking at the Netgear SRX5308 just because of the pure speed between the wan to lan, but open to other ideas. I use a Netgear WAG102 for the wireless connections which give me around 50mbps. Thanks for any help.

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 6 years ago

Because you are looking at an SRX5308, this tells me you need a VPN router. If that is the case, then it appears the SRX5308 should be able to easily handle 250 Mbps. Otherwise, there are many wireless routers that can handle this speed less expensively. I say that because the WAG102 does not appear it will be able to handle 250 Mbps, so you’ll have a bottleneck with your wireless connections. If you do not need a VPN router, then I would suggest looking at mainstream wireless routers to solve both needs simultaneously.