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AvatarCaptHilt asked 7 years ago

Do you know what the thru put should be on this router? Its a gig router, but it is throttling my internet download to around 7 mbs. Upload is only about 2.5… Hooking direct to my provider I get 30 to 35 mbs down and about 30 up.
I know this is an old router, but is there some setting I am missing? I have two, and both act the same.
Any suggestions?

AvatarCaptHilt replied 7 years ago

Sorry FVS124G, transposed letters.

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

By my research, the WAN ports on the FVS124G are only 10/100, even though the LAN ports are gigabit. But that being said, it should still get in theory close to 100 Mbps if available. 35 Mbps should be no problem. So there must be some other issue. A little more research shows this router was released somewhere around 2004. So The technology is quite old and I must assume that the problem is that the device is simply underpowered by today’s standards and/or it is old and malfunctioning. Either way, I’d say a new router is in order.