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AvatarMelRay asked 7 years ago

Marcel for the article on routers and increased speeds. In my area I can opt for 150Mbpsup/down 300 up/down, and eventually 1000Mbps up/down when fibre becomes available in my sub-division. For the time being I’ll probably go with 150 since I am seeking a job after crude oil crashed in price per barrel. However since I”m going to have to upgrade my router I might as well spend extra so that I can eventually upgrade service and use as much of their bandiwidth as I can in my home. So obviously I need the WAN port on the router to support 1000Mbps be backward compatible with b/g/n/ac and then the appropriate bands associated with them. Can you point me in the right direction for a brand or brands of modems that meet most of the criteria specified? I’ll probably just get an usb wireless receiver to take advantage of the a/c band.

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

Virtually all routers will support backwards wireless networking compatibility. Most mid-range routers and higher now have gigabit ports. So there’s not really anything specific I would say is the best overall for your choices since they are fairly commonplace specs. A router I just started using for my clients is the Linksys EA6350, which now sells for well under $100. In my testing, it performs very well being able to hit over 200 Mbps in speed testing (on a 200 Mbps connection, so I don’t know how well it would do on 300 Mbps or higher). So that is one inexpensive option you’d probably be happy with to start. But certainly do some research on models in a particular price range to see if anything tickles your fancy more than the EA6350.