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AvatarWade asked 6 years ago

I am getting ready to go to 200mbps internet speed from 100mbps speed. My ISP is offering it for $10 more per month. We are using Roku\’s on all 5 TV, and have 2 wired computers and 6 wireless laptops when Grand kids are here plus smart phones and visitors. ( all computers are windows 10) Our home is 3000 Sq Ft exposed basement. I have the router in my office on the lower level (netgear R6300) I also have a netgear Almond upstairs set up as an extender. My wired computers down stairs are getting about 100  to 130 MBPS. Should I consider a better router like a tri band to get all the speed we pay for? Will the Almond extender work if I would go tri band?   Next thing in running speed tests for internet speed 2 laptops side by side upstairs (wireless) I just noticed my old Acer laptop I get about 50mbps , but my wife\’s 6 month old Asus is getting only 15mbps I find that confusing? I am not an IT person but I am a computer geek on basic stuff. (actually I have a degree web development) I read something about channels and only half get it, but my router software says wireless is turned off(even though the light is on) so I can\’t view channels…..LOL but it works?  

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 6 years ago

Given the fact that the Netgear R6300 is a pretty powerful router, I would wait on replacing it until you have your higher speed Internet installed and then you can test it all out. Off the cuff, I don’t think you’d get much better performance out of a more powerful router unless it was really being hammered. But again, test first and see what you get before buying anything new.