Speed problem with Linksys E1700

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Avatarkoko_1988 asked 7 years ago

Hi. First of all I’sorry for my bad English.
The situation: I have a modem witch with my internet plan gives me 200mbps with cable connection to my laptop. Today I Bought Linksys E1700 witch is gigabit router with up to 300mbps speed. The router gives me only 95mbps with cable connection when I connect modem-router-laptop. So where is the problem and how can I get all of 200mbps? Thank you.

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

Based on the limited information I could find about the E1700 model, it appears that this is one of those routers where the LAN ports are gigabit, but the WAN/Internet port is NOT gigabit. So that explains why you are only seeing 95 Mbps, as it is close to the 100 Mbps of the WAN port. Unfortunately, you will need to return this router and purchase one that has a gigabit WAN/Internet port as well.