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Avatargeodan asked 6 years ago

My Windows 7 computer fails usual access of Internet Web sites either through Startpage Search Engine ( or via Internet Explorer ( which results in the message “Ask me a tech question” which, if followed leads to a “no problems found” result.

This might have come about due to the fact a permanent visitor in this house recently acquired both an Intel Windows 10 and soon afterwards a Smart TV. Both of us since use a common Wireless Network system, initially from an old 4Mhz ATT Network but since replaced by a so-called 100Mhz Spectrum Internet system. The replacement system seemed to be a temporary help. However that was weeks ago, and my Windows 7 now looses hours of available access to most websites.

At times it is possible for me to access commonly accessed websites such as online weather stations and/or simple card games via Startpage but severely impossible to access any of the more complex websites such as my (old) website (which by the way has become distorted such that my new email arrives under their Archive account rather than their Inbox account, with the exception of those Emails from a couple of old sources.)

Any technical knowledge help descriptions would be greatly appreciated. (I was once upon a time a technical engineer in computer based equipment.)


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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 5 years ago

Unfortunately this issue is vague and could be due to a variety of factors. Problems with your network, problems with your computer’s network setup, malware, Internet service issues, etc., could all be factors. I would suggest you have a qualified and trustworthy local technology expert take a look at your computer and network to try to nail down where the problem is rooted. My apologies I can not be of more help at this time.