What modem/router to buy to support high speed Internet

Technology QuestionsCategory: NetworkingWhat modem/router to buy to support high speed Internet
AvatarBobyboshea21 asked 7 years ago

Hey,  we just moved into a new place and got high speed Internet at 200mbps.  Wanted to know what router or modem to purchase to support high speeds since I read your article and know that my current router and modem is throttling my Internet speed and not  allowing me to get to 200mbps.  Was wondering what router or modem you recommend to take advantage of our full speed of Internet (200mbps)   We currently have a TP-Link AC1750 as our router and a Netgear CM600 as our modem.    Thanks!! 

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

Almost any router that supports gigabit networking will likely support 200 Mbps. I’ve been using the Linksys EA-6350 (under $100) with good success on 200+ Mbps service, but any router with similar specs from another vendor should also perform well.