What router to buy to support 80Mbps internet speed

Technology QuestionsCategory: NetworkingWhat router to buy to support 80Mbps internet speed
AvatarAlex asked 6 years ago

I recently purchased a 80Mbps fiber-optic internet package from CenturyLink. When plugged directly into the ethernet port on the wall, speedtest.net will give me 80Mbps speeds. However, when I run a speed test on my computer while connected to wifi provided by my Netgear N750 router, I’m only getting roughly 45Mbps. Any advice?

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 6 years ago

The Netgear N750 should be able to handle a lot more than 80 Mbps. So my guess is that your computer may not have a wireless radio that can support the full speed of the Netgear router. If your computer only has, say a 54 Mbps radio, then 45 Mbps is a feasibly likely throughput. If you can post your computer’s specs then maybe we can determine that for certain.