What speed is needed for an at home sound engineer with 3 roommates?

Technology QuestionsCategory: NetworkingWhat speed is needed for an at home sound engineer with 3 roommates?
AvatarJeri Caamaño asked 7 years ago

I live with a sound engineer and 2 others in an apartment so 4 of us total and we are looking into Internet speeds. The sound engineer wants to get the fastest at 300 mbps and I’m not sure if that speed is excessive for her profession. Also I have a router that can handle 150 mbps. Would that router diminish the speed of anything over 150mbps?

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

Really the question is what application will require such high speeds, not really the “profession.” Also, the bottom line is the bottom line. What is the price difference between 300 and whatever comes lower? If your roommates want to pay for higher speeds but you don’t, then I would suggest splitting up the costs proportionately so you aren’t paying for service you don’t need or want. Regarding the router, please read my article that throughly discusses this. https://marcelbrown.com/2014/10/07/high-speed-internet-can-router-keep-anymore/ In general, your router can affect the speed you get from your Internet service, so you will want to make sure your router can handle today’s high speed Internet  services to get what you are paying for.