Which router to support 60 mbps

Technology QuestionsCategory: MiscellaneousWhich router to support 60 mbps
AvatarRobin asked 7 years ago

Can you please advise what the best router would be for 60 mbps supporting many devices constant streaming.  Charter advised Netgear from WalMart.  Said I would need a router for a cable hookup. Thanks!

AvatarRobin replied 7 years ago

They also said the minimum should be 150 ft

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

Almost any new router will easily support 60 Mbps. However, I know that Charter is aggressively increasing their service options, so I do not doubt that you will soon see 100 Mbps or more in the near future (they just introduced 300 Mbps for business customers in the St. Louis area). With that in mind, you should purchase a router now that will support those speeds so you are ready when they come to your area. I’ve had good luck with the Linksys EA-6350, which should be under $100 most places, but any router with similar specs should work just as well.