Which router?

AvatarRichard asked 7 years ago

Church environment. Moved to Charter Spectrum with 100MB bandwidth. Was using the router/WiFi they provided. However due to some unauthorized access I need to control ports being accessed (like BitTorrent). Have changed service to make their router dynamic pass through and inserted our old router CISCO Linksys wrt110. Not getting the download speed I was getting. What router do I need to get?

AvatarRichard replied 7 years ago

Thanks. Couldn’t find the EA6350 locally so went with EA6400 which was on sale for $99. Had Charter Spectrum change their device to dynamic passthrough. Working just fine. Could not find a way to block BitTorrent ports so did a port fowarding on the BitTorrent range to unused IP.

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

One router I have been using lately is the Linksys EA 6350. It is now selling for around $100 (although recently it had been around $70 on sale at Best Buy). I’ve seen this router do well over 200 Mbps in speed testing, so I know it will handle 100 Mbps with no problem. However, any router that is similar in specs should do just as well. Also, if Charter hasn’t swapped out their device for a plain “modem” (i.e. not a router/wireless/modem combo) I would go ahead and do that just to keep things as simple as possible. You probably won’t have any problems, but it is a lot simpler to troubleshoot an Internet connection with only one router instead of two back-to-back, plus eliminating any extra wireless signals just makes life easier as well.