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AvatarMonroehp asked 7 years ago

Two questions. First, are the combo modem/routers ever recommended? Second, which router will give me wireless ISP download speed of over 300mb/s? I have the Asus RT66u & RT68u. Wired download speed is +350mb/s but wireless download hasn’t broken 20mb/s. I also got a combo Netgear c700 with similar results. What about the Arris SBG6900 or should I just go with the SB6190 & a better router. I the latter, which router?

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

I generally prefer independent modems and routers since it will give you more flexibility in your installation. The SB6190 is a good modem and then as far as router goes, I would probably shoot for a higher end router with AC protocol, as they are more powerful and therefore more likely to work well with a very high speed connection as yours. Unfortunately, I do not have that fast of Internet service in my area so I can not easily test such high speed connections myself. So I would suggest reading reviews and seeing what people who do have very high speed connections say about particular models.