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AvatarSteve asked 7 years ago

I have the NETGEAR CG3000V2 which is a 450mbps device and gets 3750kbps from Optus cable connection speed test. The satellite computer only has a 54mbps wireless adapter card so it is being held back. My question is should I get a 600mbps card to ensure I get all of the CG3000V2 ‘s 450mbps (distance allowing) or will an older 450mbps card get the theoretical limit distance not withstanding?

AvatarSteve replied 7 years ago

Single band 2.4 ghz if that helps.

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Marcel BrownMarcel Brown Staff answered 7 years ago

It’s a bit of a tricky question, as looking at throughput isn’t necessarily enough information to make a decision here. 450 Mbps could refer to the maximum throughput of a 2.4 or 5.4 Ghz radio. 600 Mbps I think is a theoretical maximum of 2.4 Ghz radio technology at this time. In my quick research I could not verify if the CG3000V2 is a dual-band wireless device so I don’t know which radio frequencies it operates on. That really is the key, as you need to match up which radio frequencies the CG3000V2 uses to the purchase of a new wireless card to get the maximum bandwidth. That being said, getting a faster wireless card won’t really help much, as the card will step down to use the same protocol as the router. So if the maximum is 450, that’s the maximum regardless. Yet it probably won’t hurt to get a better wireless card in case you get a better wireless router down the road.