It’s Time for Your E-mail to Grow Up

Thursday April 28, 2011 – Thursday April 28, 2011

7325 Marine Road

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Welcome to the second seminar/webinar in the “It’s Time for Your Business to Grow Up” educational series:

It’s Time for Your E-mail to Grow Up

The use of Internet e-mail took the world by storm in the late 1990′s. It is as indispensable as phone communications today. However, many businesses still don’t have a handle on the effective use of e-mail or are using outdated e-mail technologies, costing them time, opportunities, and profit. In this seminar and simulcast webinar we will:

  • Identify the major mistakes companies make, i.e. “The Seven Deadly Sins” of e-mail, and how it costs businesses
  • Show some simple steps you and your business can take to avoid and correct these mistakes
  • Review new advances in e-mail technology and how they can benefit you and your business

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Business people today are commonly making many mistakes due to outdated or inefficient business concepts and technologies. This is not unexpected – much has changed in the world of business and technology over the last several years. However, most small businesses people have no resource to turn to for information on current business trends or the latest technologies. This new series of seminars will help entrepreneurs in all industries gain the knowledge necessary to better compete in today’s fast-changing business environment.