Is Your Family an iFamily?DSC_6138-1

Then you need our iFamily Service.

As more family members own Apple iPhones, iPads, and Macintosh computers it has become more difficult to manage the sharing of music and apps between them. Also, a lot of families inadvertently combine all their contact and calendar data into one big mess.

The good news is that Apple has introduced new features that can help keep everything organized. However, a lot of people need help getting things straightened out initially. So let us handle it!

The iFamily service includes:

Ensuring that each family member has an individual iCloud account to keep their own calendar and contact data separate.

Setting up iTunes accounts correctly so that family members can share music and apps easily and children can request app downloads from their parents.

Configuring each device a family owns so everything syncs correctly and no data is mixed up or lost.

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