Internet Marketing

Queen Bee ConsultingTo provide Internet marketing and social media management services, Marcel Brown teams up with his wife and business partner Danelle Brown of Queen Bee Consulting, to offer you an unmatched set of skills when it comes to modern methods of running a successful business.

Danelle Brown - Queen Bee Consulting

Danelle Brown, Queen Bee Consulting

Where most business and marketing consultants are not technology experts, and most technology professionals are not experienced business coaches, no other company can offer you a team that has the combination of business and technical savvy that MB Tech delivers. Because so much of technology today revolves around Internet marketing and social media, can you afford to partner with a technology company that does not offer you professional business and marketing expertise as well? Knowing how to get around Facebook isn’t enough. Business success in The New World of Technology requires an expert on your side that knows small business and marketing inside and out. With over 10 years of experience, Danelle Brown has business and marketing expertise far beyond your average social media techie. Combining her expertise with Marcel Brown’s technology knowledge, MB Tech offers an unbeatable business savvy team.

Please visit Queen Bee Consulting's web site for more detail on the business and marketing services Danelle Brown can provide you and your small business.