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Marcel Brown - The Most  Trusted Name in Technology

Marcel Brown – The Most Trusted Name in Technology

The PC era is ending. The New World of Technology is emerging right before our eyes. With a unique combination of experience, insight, and perspective spanning over 18 years in the industry, Marcel Brown has the vision and expertise to help you leverage the exciting new technologies that have developed over the last few years and will continue to evolve for the near future.

The Most Trusted Name in Technology

When it comes to your technology advisor, trust is every bit as important as technology expertise – maybe even more so. With the experience and the reputation to back it up, Marcel Brown is The Most Trusted Name in Technology.

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Consulting and Services for Businesses and Professionals

Marcel Brown consults and works with virtually all technologies, including:

  • Windows & PCs
  • Apple & Macintosh
  • UNIX & Linux
  • iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Tablets
  • Local and Wide Area Networks and Servers
  • Implementation of Websites and Social Media Technologies

He works with small businesses and professionals from all industries, but has extensive experience with legal firms, dental and other medical practices, and creative firms/professionals. Contact Marcel Brown to schedule an evaluation.

Technology Insight and Analysis

Marcel Brown is available as a speaker, writer, consultant and for media appearances on topics such as:

  • Computers, Laptops, and Tablets
  • The New World of Technology / Emerging Technologies
  • Technology and Politics
  • Smartphones and Mobile Technologies
  • Apple, Microsoft, Google, High-Tech Industry Business Issues
  • Consumer Technologies
  • Cloud Computing, Internet, Social Media

Please contact Marcel Brown to schedule an appearance.

Technology Expert Witness

Judges and juries may not always understand the concepts behind today’s rapidly advancing technology. Attorneys need someone to bridge the gap between technical terms and everyday English for the court to make an appropriate judgement. Calm and commanding, Marcel Brown has the uncommon skills and experience required for effectively communicating complicated concepts to technology laypeople. Contact Marcel Brown to schedule a subject matter assessment.

Personal Technology Services

Marcel Brown works with select individuals, especially busy professionals, for personal or in-home services. Contact him today for availability!