The Top Ten Technologies You AREN’T Using … But You Should Be

Top 10Marcel Brown Technology Services celebrated 10 years of business in April! Looking back on these 10 years, technology has changed more so than at any other time in history. Right before our very eyes, we are witnessing the end of the 30+ year PC era. Where only big companies could fully leverage the Old World of Technology, the latest technologies are empowering small business and individuals in a way never before seen. However, many people are still stuck in the Old World, or are just starting to learn about all the great new technologies that are available to them. So in celebration of ten years in business, and to help everyone get a jump-start into the New World of Technology, I have written the following list of technologies that everyone should get familiar with.

Each technology links to a web site for more information and I will detail why you should be using these technologies – along with the excuses given to why most of you aren’t already doing so! Remember, excuses are just that, so after reading this list, start doing some research and learn how to best leverage these technologies for your own business or personal use. Of course, if you have any questions, I’m right here, ready to help, just as I have been for over 10 years now!

Without any further ado, here are The Top Ten Technologies You AREN’T Using … But You Should Be!


A service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. 

Why You Should: Synchronize your files across multiple computers and mobile devices; access your files anywhere; offsite backup. It’s like having your own file server in the cloud.

Why You Aren’t: You’ve probably never heard of it; you don’t realize how powerful it is; you don’t understand how this could work so well; you’re scared to try


Google Apps

Web based email, calendar and documents that let you work from anywhere.

Why You Should: Automatic synchronization of your calendar and contacts across your computers and mobile devices that can also be shared with your co-workers; excellent business-class e-mail, including accurate spam filtering (not too loose, not too strict).

Why You Aren’t: You didn’t know Google also did business-class services; you don’t know how to get started.



“The Computer for the Rest of Us” is still around and resurging.

Why You Should: Computing the way it should be: easy to use, virus-free, more reliable.

Why You Aren’t: You hold outdated misconceptions about compatibility; you are still listening to people who are stuck in the “Old World of Technology”.



Free web conferencing/web meeting software

Why You Should: Free and simple webinars.

Why You Aren’t: You aren’t aware of the power of webinars; you think webinars are too much work to set up.


Hootsuite or Sendible

Two different social media management services

Why You Should: Scheduled and automated social media posting and management.

Why You Aren’t: You aren’t leveraging social media correctly; you think your teenaged intern is a “social media genius”.



The phone that changed the world

Why You Should: It still has unmatched power and ease of use; competitors are shallow copies, the BlackBerry is on life-support

Why You Aren’t: You think it is “too powerful” for you; you think you won’t understand how to use it; you don’t know what you are missing; sheer lazinesss has made you put it off.



Software to build your web site and blog

Why You Should: Easy, self-manageable web site and blogging platform; run your own blog on your own domain

Why You Aren’t: Your web designer hasn’t mentioned it; you don’t grasp the power of blogging



Web-based small business CRM and contact manager

Why You Should: A reasonably priced CRM for small business; access your client data anywhere.

Why You Aren’t: You’re using an outdated CRM; you didn’t know web-based software could do so much for so little cost



A credit card processing service that can be used with smartphones or tablets

Why You Should: Accept credit cards anywhere, no set monthly fee, reasonable per-transaction cost.

Why You Aren’t: You think there’s a catch; you still don’t have a smartphone or tablet.



The computing appliance that has changed the PC market

Why You Should: Mobility and power in a small but usable form factor; a compliment to your existing PC or laptop

Why You Aren’t: You still haven’t tried one; you think it’s too high-tech for you; you’re waiting around for everyone else to get one first.


Again, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer your questions or help you implement any of these technologies.