iOS 8, iPhone 6, Conditional Call Forwarding

Error performing request unknown error setting registration failed voice call forwarding on all calls setting activation failed voice call forwarding on all calls

Are you getting this error after buying a new iPhone?

If you are like me, you use a different voicemail service than the standard voicemail that your wireless carrier provides. For example, I use Google Voice voicemail (which, by the way, I mention extensively in my book, The Cheapskate’s Guide to Traveling with Your iPhone) because it can transcribe my voicemails into text messages and it lets me check my voice messages on a computer. When purchasing a new phone, one must reset the alternate voicemail setting or else messages begin to be delivered to the standard voicemail again. Usually, this isn’t a big deal to do. It simply requires dialing a particular code on your phone, hitting send, and presto! However, when I recently purchased a new iPhone 6, it was not that easy.

For some reason, the Conditional Call Forwarding (CCF) code I normally used returned error messages. Being the first day of the new iPhone 6,  I thought that perhaps AT&T’s system was overloaded. I tried a few times that day and still no luck. Being a Friday, I tried a few times again on Saturday and Sunday and thought for sure it would work. No luck at any of those times. Assuming it was a problem with my account, on Monday I went into my local AT&T store and figured they could “fix the glitch”. However, the knowledgable person I talked to said he was having the exact same problem with his new iPhone 6 as well. He said he believed it was a problem with iOS 8 and there was nothing he could do at the store to fix it. So off I went to do a little research on the Internet.

The first thing I found was an App, Divert Calls, that claimed it could set up Conditional Call Forwarding. I wondered if it could work around the problem I was having, so I downloaded the App and tested it. As it turns out, the App itself doesn’t actually change the CCF setting. It merely creates the code for you so you can paste it into the Phone App dialer and send it. Once I found that out, I thought I was dead in the water. However, Conditional Call Forwarding is actually three different settings. The code I had been using (which starts with **004*) changes all three settings at once. The Divert Calls App gives you three individual codes for CCF (*61*, *62*, and *67*) . So I went ahead and tested the first code. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked! I tried the other two codes and they worked as well! It was a little bit of a pain, but at least my Google Voice voicemail was operational again.

I did a little more research and found information that corroborated my findings (such as this forum thread for Google Voice). I also found out that you can call AT&T and have them set up Conditional Call Forwarding for you. So let me sum up what I know and don’t know:

  1. The iPhone 6 and/or other iPhones running iOS 8 have a problem setting up Conditional Call Forwarding (CCF) on AT&T’s network using the usual **004* CCF code.
  2. I am not sure if this problem exists on other wireless networks, such as Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile.
  3. The problem can be worked around by setting up each individual call forwarding option (Unanswered, Unreachable, Busy), or calling AT&T and having them do it for you.
  4. The codes can be generated by the Divert Calls App, but it is not necessary if you know how to generate the codes yourself.
  5. I have no idea if AT&T and/or Apple are aware of this problem yet

For the record, here are the various Conditional Call Forwarding codes (replace 1234567890 with the number you are forwarding to):

  • Set all CCF options: **004*1234567890# <- This is the code that is currently NOT working with iOS 8 and/or the iPhone 6 on AT&T’s network
  • Call Forward if Unanswered: *61*1234567890#
  • Call Forward if Unreachable: *62*1234567890#
  • Call Forward if Busy: *67*1234567890#

If you have any further information on this issue or are experiencing it on other wireless networks, please comment below!

Update: If you are getting error messages with the three individual CCF codes, try turning off LTE and entering them again.

  • Kris Boevingloh


  • Adam Riggall

    Nice detective work. I was frustrated by the same issue. Thanks!

  • Dr. Rick

    silly , but how does one clear each individual code once set?

  • It’s not a silly question!


  • It’s not a silly question!


    Good luck!

  • No problem!

  • You’re welcome!

  • Andrew

    Worked perfectly, thanks for the tip!

  • Great! Are you on AT&T or another carrier?

  • I’m curious, are you on AT&T or another carrier?

  • I’m curious, are you on AT&T or do you have another provider?

  • Tammie Greenberg

    This is genius! Fixed my problem with CCF to Google Voice, (in a moment of deep frustration).without calling AT&T!

  • I’m glad I could help!

  • Christopher

    Wonderful! It worked for me after much frustration trying to figure out this problem! Soooooo grateful! THANK YOU!!!!

  • Cody

    One less thing I have to yell at AT&T about. Thanks!

  • pWithAy

    This is a wonderful help. However, it doesn’t properly forward calls if they are declined–not just ignored, but you actually press the decline button. Is there a CCF code for that?

  • I just now tested it and it works properly for me if I decline a call – it goes to my Google Voice voicemail. I would assume *61* is the same code. Unanswered to me is the same whether it was declined or let ring. Perhaps you need to enter in the *61* code again? Are you on AT&T or another carrier?

  • pWithAy

    Yes, it is with AT&T. I set it again, both with *61 and **61 as I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere. Same result–pressing decline sends the call to AT&T VM rather than GV, timeout/ignore goes to GV.

  • Wow, that’s a weird issue! I would suggest re-entering the *62* and *67* codes just in case, and if that fails, perhaps clearing everything out with the ##6x# codes and trying again. Let us know if you get it to work.

  • pWithAy

    That didn’t help, either. Nor did the trick from the forum you linked that said to hold 0 to get a plus. However, popping the SIM into an iPhone 5 and setting it there did work. The inconsistency here is bizarre…

    Thanks so much for your help, Marcel!

  • It will be interesting to see what the actual root cause of the problem is once all this is straightened out. Thanks for your info!

  • Gary Feigenblat

    i do not have an issue turning it on in IOS 8, i can’t turn it off. the code ##002# worked before but not now

  • Try ##004# or the individual ##6x# codes.

    FYI, if you’re trying to do ##002#, that turns off *all* call forwarding, which is the same as turning it off in the Settings App, assuming it is on there.

  • Lynn Lederkramer

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I am hearing impaired depend on Google voice to translate my voicemails to text – just got my iphone 6 and could not activate. Spent time with tech on ATT who could not help – checked the web, found you and I am set!!

    Thank you!!!

  • You’re welcome!

  • Charbel

    how do you cancel all conditional call forwarding if you decided to cancel them one by one? do you know the code?

  • To individually cancel CCF, here are the corresponding codes:


  • Joe

    Thanks for this!

  • No problem!

  • John O’Donnell

    Saved Me!!

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU! Having this issue w/AT&T as well and needed this emergently set up but the google forum link was not as clear. Hope this issue gets fixed soon!

  • You’re welcome! I still don’t know if anyone from Apple or AT&T truly knows about this issue.

  • Marissa Levy Lerer

    THANK YOU! I thought it was just me!

  • Ivy

    Thanks a lot, Marcel! I was wondering if it was just me having the problem so a quick Google search led me to this page. Awesome! Now everything works like it did before 🙂

  • You’re welcome! As you can see, there are many others in the same boat!

  • Excellent! I’m curious, what was your Google search term?

  • Cp6NH

    Just spoke to AT&T, and what they were able to do is simply replace their voice mail number for my GV number, which results in the call basically being forwarded to GV (my phone of course then rings every time) and only then my GV receiving a voicemail. When I told him I just want GV mail to come up right away when I do NOT pick up my phone, he said he couldn’t do that, because his system wouldn’t let him enter the magic “formula” – **004*1234567890#. He could only enter a phone number. Am I stuck here? I mean, my G Voice Mail is working, but the phone is now ringing twice when someone calls my AT&T number.

  • I would have AT&T simply undo whatever they did, and then follow the steps I outline in this article. Entering the three individual **6x* codes separately is the functional equivalent of entering the **004* code.

  • Acid wh0Le

    Fix GoogleVoice … The short version: ATT Tech Support wiped the iP6 SIM profile (and reseted) & re-registers iPhone 6 w/ the local tower. This fixes CCF!

  • So you are able to enter the **004* code after they wiped the SIM profile? Did you upgrade to an iPhone 6 from an earlier iPhone and transfer the SIM card?

  • Acid wh0Le

    I apologize. AT&T fixed it “behind the scenes”. They verified by calling me @ our ATT # and it in fact did CCF to Goole Voice. We did not carry our old (nano) SIMs over to the new iP6. It has something to do with the *new* SIM not carrying over settings from the old SIM. (CCF settings “stuck” on the old SIM?) At least, that’s what we deduced for now. Hopefully the reg **004*, etc gets *fixed* soon!

  • Darn, I thought you had discovered a significant clue! Oh well, thanks for your input!

  • surfing

    iPhone 6 Plus — sim card came with new phone.

    Had same issue(s):



    did not work, also **004* — failed

    then I did cancel


    and then I reentered again the codes:

    Call Forward if Unanswered: *61*1234567890#
    Call Forward if Unreachable: *62*1234567890#
    Call Forward if Busy: *67*1234567890#

    It works!

    Not sure if this will work for everybody, but it does not hurt to try.

  • Vijairam

    I got an iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8. Same issue. Voicemail went to AT&T. Thought i was the only one. Thanks to this post, the problem has been fixed. 🙂

  • That’s very good information! I believe the reason this worked for you is that the double # in front of the 6x codes “deregisters” a previous call forwarded number. After I published this article, I discovered that a double * in front of the 6x codes registers the call forwarding number in the system so you can reactivate it by simply entering *6x# (without the need for the full phone number). Apparently, in your case deregistering the number allowed you to reset your conditional call forwarding correctly.

  • Great to hear!

  • Byron

    Work’s great! Just tried the *61*, *62*, and *67* codes you suggested and it finally worked. So glad I found your website. I had been struggling for the better part of an hour trying to get the **004* code that google voice told me to use to work but I kept getting an unknown error. Thank you so much.

  • D Chris Young

    Greatly appreciated. This work perfectly!

  • You’re welcome!

  • Cameron

    Just just upgraded to ios 8.1 and neither of the solutions is working for me.

    did not work, also **004* — failed

    then I did cancel


    no sure what the issue is here. 🙁

  • Are you doing *6x* and then the number you are trying to forward to? Some people are putting their own phone number in place of 1234567890. It should be the “target” phone number.

  • dm33

    Doesn’t work for me. I had google voice set up on my iPhone 5. Bought an iPhone 6, popped the Sim in the new phone and voicemail hasn’t worked right.

    If I try *61* or ##61 sequences they both fail. If I put the SIM back in the iPhone 5 the commands work fine. Both phones are running iOS 8.1.

  • Are you on Verizon?

  • dm33

    ATT prepaid if that makes a difference

  • Prince Charles Chumley

    Your codes worked fine on my iPhone 6 (we have one for me and one for my wife) hopefully this will allow us to share the GV VM, texts, etc.

    Have another question. With our andriod phones were were able to have our phones use our google voice number on the caller id by selecting “Use Google Voice for all outgoing calls”. This left that number for anyone returning a call.

    Can’t find that in the iPhone settings. How can we do this? Thanks in advance, Bill

  • Rick Patrick

    I have an samsung rugby and when call forwarding I am able to allow it to ring 3 or 4 times before it forwards so I can see who is calling and decide whether to answer or let it forward. Will the I phone 6 plus be able to do this or is there another way. This is important to me whether or not I purchase an Iphone 6 plus or not. The previous Iphones do not have this feature.

  • CONDITIONAL Call Forwarding is exactly that. Your phone rings and then if you don’t answer it, it is forwarded to whatever phone number is defined. In fact, CCF is the default setting on almost every phone number since CCF is what forwards your calls to your carrier’s voicemail. Many of us change the default CCF settings so we can use an alternate voicemail like Google Voice.

    “Regular” call forwarding forwards all calls immediately. This is true of any phone. You must have had Conditional Call Forwarding set up on your Samsung phone and the same will hold true with any iPhone, even past models.

  • I don’t think prepaid should make a difference, but you can also try calling AT&T and have them set up CONDITIONAL Call forwarding. I can not stress how important it is to make absolutely sure that the AT&T tech on the other end understands that you are wanting to set up conditional call forwarding and not “regular” call forwarding. Let us know if that works or if you found another solution.

  • I’m pretty sure the “Use Google Voice for all outgoing calls” option is something only available on Android phones, since Google Voice and Android are both made by Google. On an iPhone, you’ll need to use the Google Voice app to make outgoing calls. When doing that, it does show your Google Voice number on the other person’s Caller ID. I have my Google Voice App on the bottom row so it’s easily accessible just like the default Phone App.

  • Patty Cohen

    ios8.1 on my phone will not work properly with Verizon service and google voicemail. ios8 before the update on my hubby’s worked fine in the transition from old phone.
    My phone rings 10 or more times and may or may not go to voicemail. If I am on the phone it will go to voicemail – if left without answering it will ring and ring.

  • ParisParamus

    Greetings. Has anyone gotten an iPhone6 to work with Google Voice on Verizon?

  • From what I understand, the Verizon Conditional Call Forwarding codes are *71, *90 and *92. Or you can apparently do it from Verizon’s web site according to their support information:

  • I’ve read that Verizon users have had the same problem. The same procedure apparently works, but the codes are different. Simply substitute *71, *90 and *92 for the codes I’ve given for AT&T. Apparently you can also do it from Verizon’s web site according to this help document

  • Eric Epstein

    Well written. Thank you so much! If ever in Annapolis, I owe you a drink.

  • You’re welcome! Perhaps one day I will cash in that drink!

  • I found that pre-paid might not work with the CCF codes. Also, try turning off LTE and see if that works for you.

  • I read somewhere that turning off LTE might help make the codes work if you haven’t already got them to work.

  • Rex D.

    Those codes worked on my iPhone 6, iOS 8.1, AT&T in Los Angeles. I enabled “Call Forward if Busy” to forward many work related calls to my office voicemail as I often don’t check voicemails on my iPhone. I use this feature by clicking the Sleep/Wake button twice to activate the forwarding or hit Decline if the phone is in use.

  • ParisParamus

    Sorry, but Verizon and Google Voice do not work. Weird that there’s little discussion of this.

  • A Patel

    I owe you one also. I am on the phone with AT&T and Apple and they can’t figure it out. They are telling me to download the app.

  • On other forums, I’ve read that others have gotten it to work. You may want to call Verizon to set up your CCF if the codes or their web site don’t work for you.

  • MM

    These codes worked on my iphone 6 ios 8.1 too. I’m not even in north america. Seems to be a universal code for carriers that follow US standards maybe… Anyhow, thanks for the insight

  • Jeanette

    We manage a corporate ATT account for our employees. Several execs prefer to forward the ATT voice mail to their office voice mail. To make this happen we call ATT and request conditional call forwarding and provide the destination number. One of our execs upgraded to the iPhone 6 last week. ATT has not been able to get the conditional call forwarding to work. We have an open trouble ticket, but no progress. Any suggestions?

  • Daniel

    I had the same problem today when updating with a new AT&T SIM card (same iPhone 6, same iOS 8.1.1). Called AT&T wireless, Tech Suppor/Voice Mail/Operator. Explained errors when inputting *004*1xxxxxxxxxx#. The tech service understood the issue perfectly and upon request, input the info. And it worked right away. Whole process took 3 minutes. Just want to share the experience. Good luck!

  • Is there a reason you call AT&T instead of just using the codes directly? Assuming you can get your hands on the phone, entering the codes is quick and easy (assuming they work). Have you tried using the three individual codes above? Have you tried the three individual cancel codes (##6x#)?

  • The GSM standard that these codes were rooted in is an international standard. Glad to hear it worked for you!

  • Great to hear that some AT&T reps know their stuff!

  • Isaac Broberg

    The **004* code works for me on my iPhone 6 Plus but it sets my call forwarding on for all calls under in settings/phone/call forwarding. Took me a couple days of no calls and lots of voice mail to figure out what happened. These separate codes seem to do the trick. Thanks!

  • Michael

    Marcel, thanks so much for the tip. It took me hours until I found your post and that fixed the problem of forwarding all calls to GV instead of only unanswered calls.

  • Eric

    Same issue with a 6+. Had to unregister the codes with the ##xx# sequence then re-register each of the conditionals as you did above.

  • Shahramski

    How do I turn the conditional forwarding off by entering a code ?

  • Ek

    Help! I used the app and now my gv business number works but my phone does not ring. Also my personal calls no longer go to my Att voice mail

  • Well that is a really strange set of symptoms. Usually it has to be a *21 or *002 code to set unconditional call forwarding. Oh well, at least you got it working correctly.

  • You are very welcome! Were you searching for my post for hours or were you trying other troubleshooting before you started searching online?

  • The normal code to completely turn off conditional call forwarding is ##004#. But you can also use:


    to turn off each of the conditional options individually.

  • If you used the app, you may have inadvertently all calls to forward unconditionally. Disable call forwarding by going into the Settings App, then scroll down to Phone and tap it, then tap Call Forwarding and disable it. Or you can also dial one (or both) of these codes:


    Once you’ve restored normal call answering, then try using the three individual CCF codes (*6x*) as described in the article.

    I’m not sure how you had it set up so that business calls would go to GV and personal calls would go to AT&T voicemail.

  • Tom

    Just called VZW about GV not going through on my 6 plus running 8.1.2. The only number you need is *71 for conditional *72 for unconditional and *73 to deactivate.

  • xhail

    how can i forward all calls to gv no only unanswered?

  • ddp

    How do I program number of rings or seconds before forwarding a call?

  • Did *71 actually work to set conditional call forwarding for all three conditions?

  • Forwarding all calls is just a function of your iPhone in Settings, Phone, Call Forwarding.

  • According to what I researched it is the following:

    **61*[phone number]**[seconds]#

    From what I read, this will only work with GSM networks such as as AT&T and T-Mobile. Also the seconds setting can only be in increments of 5 up to a possible maximum of 30 seconds. I’ve not personally tested this code, so let us know if it works for you.

  • DDP

    That worked fantastic!….no one in Canada could help me with that! Thank you very much.

  • Kendall

    Hello. So are you forwarding to you iPhone 6 or the GV number? I am having the GV issue on my new iPhone 6 in whihc the GV is using my ATT greeting. I am just confused as to which I am using the codes and number that should be the “forward to” number

  • If you want to use Google Voice as your voicemail, then you should be forwarding to to the GV number. Think of it this way: when your call is not answered, it gets “forwarded” to voicemail. If you want GV to be your voicemail, then that is the number to forward to.

  • Crystal

    Thank you so much! After a day of troubleshooting with my new iPhone 6 (I have AT&T as well), I came across your blog and I was able to successfully setup my google voice with my iPhone by following your steps/notes. Appreciate the help!

  • Crystal

    The trick with this is that I had to setup the full google voice feature (not just using Google Voice lite). Though I ended up with a phone number showing in both instances. It was only when I signed up for the full service that I was able to forward to the number. I tried forwarding to the number that was established with my google voice lite, and it didn’t work.

  • Thanks for commenting!

  • Good information to know. When I set up Google Voice many years ago, there was no such thing as the “lite” version.

  • I’m glad I could help, eh?

  • Tim

    Am I supposed to dial *61*then the number as if I am making a call? I keep getting “your call cannot be completed as dialed”

  • davidmadow

    Marcel – I just got an iPhone 6 yesterday and have been frustrated with this for 24 hours. Then I found your blog post. Everything worked perfectly. I cannot thank you enough my friend!

  • Yes, but don’t forget the # at the end. Also, are you on AT&T or another provider?

  • I’m glad I could help!

  • davidmadow

    Marcel – even though this “technically” worked for me, it opened up another problem. When someone now calls my iPhone, it is forwarded to my GV number, which when called is supposed to ring to both my home phone and iPhone. But it is now skipping the iPhone now and only ringing my home phone. I am really lost now!!! Does this make sense? Dave

  • Based on your description, it sounds like this may be an issue with your GV setup. The 3 CCF codes workaround that I talk about in this article shouldn’t really be any different than the *004* code that Google recommends using and I assume you had been using with a prior iPhone. But maybe you weren’t, because I’m not sure how a call to your iPhone could be forwarded to GV AND then forward back to your iPhone. Sounds like a potential infinite loop to me!

    I would carefully verify each step in the setup and make sure you are doing the right thing. I personally only use GV for the voicemail feature, so my forwarding setup is straightforward.

  • davidmadow

    Somehow by hook or crook it is working perfectly now. Don’t even ask me what I did because I don’t know. All I can say is that it seems fine! Thanks so much for your help!!! D

  • Stefan

    Unfortunately Nothing works here, I have used GV for a long time like this but I get the error message no matter what I do. All codes and LTE on or off… Never experienced this before… I ported back to Cricket from Sprint and deleted and then added the Cricket / ATT numbers again so they read ATT on GV site… I guess I will have to try SIM from other device…

  • These codes may not work on Cricket. A quick search found that Cricket may use the following codes immediately followed by your GV number:


    I can not confirm this, so give it a try and let us know.

  • Stefan

    Thanks but the new commands does not work. Cricket used to be the same codes as ATT and I belive they still are (All MVNOs I think) So the problem is elsewhere.

  • Sam Ellis

    This has been frustrating me for a while, but I just now am doing the research to deal with it. Your codes worked great for me. Thanks!

  • MurDog

    You are a hero!

  • mrabonner

    Please help! I have an iPhone 6 on AT&T. The #61#…tip worked when I initially received my phone in September. Inexplicably, Google Voice stopped working about a week ago. I have contacted AT&T directly, and we cannot seem to determine the problem. When I attempt the #61#..tip now, the phone returned an error message.

  • I’m flattered!

  • In your comment you mention #61#, which is the code to disable that particular conditional call forwarding option. Did you actually mean *61* ? Because if you are using the # codes, then you are disabling something that is not enabled and that may explain why you are getting error messages.

    That being said, if the CCF codes do not seem to work, others have had success by disabling all the options using each of the following codes:


    then trying to set the three CCF codes again. Note that you only need to enter the ## codes as shown, no forwarding number is necessary as they are for the ** codes. Let us know if that helps you out.

  • mrabonner

    Sorry. Yes, that is what I meant. I just followed the instructions you sent, and was unsuccessful. The ##61# worked to erase the forwarding, however, the entry of *61*1234567890# resulted in failure. I completed all 3 erase functions before attempting to add the CCF codes.

  • And just to be sure, you are replacing the 1234567890 with your Google Voice number, right?

  • Rick A

    Thanks – Easy and complete solution!

  • mrabonner

    Now that I have established the fact that I am especially dim today. Thanks! By the way, I also figured out it only works if you use the “secondary number” supplied by Google Voice. You Rock!

  • Stefan

    I put the SIM in an old windows phone and it worked perfect so I guess we can conclude that it is an embarrassing Apple bug. **004*1234567890# worked perfect. So just use another phone for this and you are good presumably with all ATT and all ATT MVNOs

  • Stefan

    This does not work but I put the SIM in an old windows phone and it worked perfect so I guess we can conclude that it is an embarrassing Apple bug. **004*1234567890# worked perfect. So just use another phone for this and you are good presumably with all ATT and all ATT MVNOs (then you can put the SIM back in you buggy iOS device :-))

  • Stefan

    I use ATTs own MVNO Cricket

  • Not everyone has a secondary number for Google Voice. Did you sign up for one somehow?

  • Yes, swapping the SIM is another way to accomplish this (a lot of people have used their old iPhone), but not everyone has another phone lying around and it is not as simple as the three code trick, as long as it works. The other way that has worked for people is calling the carrier and having them do it, but that way obviously can take a while to get done and you must talk to a support rep that clearly understands the difference between regular call forwarding and conditional call forwarding.

  • No problem!

  • Mrabonner

    I don’t remember signing up for one, but I started using GV a couple of years ago.

  • Marty Zigman

    While great suggestions, none of them worked. I had to call T-Mobile to get them to activate Conditional Call Forwarding on my iPhone 5. All seems to be working now.

  • Was that the iPhone 5 or 6?

  • Marty Zigman

    That was an iPhone 5. Somehow, my wife messed up her settings. She tried to work it out with T-Mobile and they incorrectly put it back to their carrier voicemail. Then, I tried to go back to Google Voicemail using the sequence I have used for years without resolve. So I had to call T-Mobile and they performed the sequence on my behalf.

  • That’s weird. I had not heard of this problem on any other iPhones besides the 6 or 6 Plus.

  • Courtland McDonald

    In my view this is an iPhone6/iOS 8 issue isolated to AT&T’s network and not an iPhone6 or iOS 8 issue on other competitive netowrks. I also do not have this problem with the iPhone 5 running iOS8.

    In summary,
    I am on AT&T’s network with an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.1.2 (12B440). I called AT&T to make sure I have the call forwarding feature enabled (I D0).
    When I go to
    <Call forwarding
    Enable Call Forwarding
    A box comes up
    < Forwarding To "Loading . . . "
    and there it hangs
    On an iPhone 5 it usually brings up my Google Voice number in Cache as the number to forward to or I can input any number.
    Now, with the iPhone 6/iOS8 I can still manually input a number but it still hangs and nothing happens.
    The only way around this is to call AT&T and have them do it on their network side and when I want call forwarding stopped, i will need to call and have them put things back to normal (no call forwarding).

    Interestingly, I had my iPhone 6 carrier unlocked ($80) through apple (legally, not a jail break). It took 3 days before iTunes returned the "Congrats, Your iPhone is now unlocked" message (see below).

    When I put a Lime Sim card in (Cable & Wireless British Virgin Islands), I tried call forwarding and it works normally.

    So, in conclusion I think it is an AT&T Network Problem but only with the iPhone 6.

    I have my 2nd trouble ticket on file with AT&T today and I have given them all of this information. Hopefully they will resolve it and I will report back here if they do.

    I like to enable call forwarding myself because in the BVIs (British Virgin Islands), I can keep my AT&T Sim in the phone and have calls forwarded until I get to one of 3 or 4 spots on the island (Tortola), where I have line of sight to an AT&T Tower on St John or St Thomas. At that point I, myself, can turn off call forwarding in a matter of seconds and am free to accept incoming calls to my AT&T number while on AT&T's newtwork.

  • Courtland McDonald

    AT&T had my old iPhone 5 ICCID & IMEI numbers in their system. After reading them my iPhone 6 numbers they asked me to shut off the phone, turn it back on and call forwarding now works!!!

  • Your previous message was a little hard to read, so I’m not sure exactly what your situation was. But are you saying that you couldn’t get Conditional Call Forwarding to work, or regular call forwarding? Were you using the *004* code?


    This worked for me… Strangely enough, it WAS working when I first set up my phone a few weeks ago until someone reported that I had the “this person has a mailbox that has not been set up yet” just yesterday… weird. Maybe some sort of system refresh? Works now though… thank you!!

  • Guest

    This was exactly my problem as well – I have a fairly new iPhone 6, and the ICCID was correct in AT&T’s system, but they had the old 5s IMEI number in the system. After having AT&T tech support update the IMEI number in their system over the phone, I turned mine off and back on, and call forwarding is now working again for me.

    The 2 different techs I spoke to knew nothing about this problem or potential solutions. I explained to the second tech the potential diagnosis and fix described in Courtland’s reply, and they went ahead and fixed it for me by following these instructions.


  • Ok, now we might be getting somewhere. Are you guys saying that you can now successfully use the *004* code enable conditional call forwarding after the AT&T techs fixed the IMEI issue?

  • Inquiring Mind

    How and where do you enter in these codes? On my phone? At a website?
    The people I spoke with at ATT were clueless about how to set conditional call forwarding 🙁 Thanks for any help!

  • You dial the codes in their entirety on your iPhone as if you were making a phone call. When you hit the green dial button it transmits the code to the carrier.

  • Eric Bacon

    I haven’t found one yet

  • Clayton Waters

    I just went round and round with AT&T support people. If you call in, you need to request to chance your “default call forwarding voicemail number” to your Google Voice number. After they finally figured out what I was talking about, they updated it in 30 seconds.

  • Ah, that is one way to explain it! It all depends on the agent you get on the line what they understand.

  • THANK YOU. I just upgraded to an iPhone from a Lumia & the *61*/*62*/*67* numbers did the trick for me (remember to put 1 in front of your google voice number if from the U.S. ex: *61*17651119999#)

  • Excellent!

  • Ariel

    My boss just got an iphone 6 and has always had conditional call forwarding on his phone. We had ATT put conditional call forwarding on the new phone but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. The phone rings twice, then there is silence for about 10 seconds and then it forwards to the forwarding number. Most people think something is wrong and hang up. This didn’t happen with his 5. Anything fixes?

  • Carrie

    If you are able to enter the codes, but the forwarding does not work, most likely AT&T has not updated your IMEI and ICCID numbers. I recommend checking first with AT&T that the numbers are correct before trying any troubleshooting.

  • I would try disabling the CCF and then using the 3 codes in the article re-enable it. Otherwise, that is a very strange symptom.

  • That is a great idea. If anyone tries this, let us know if your IMEI and ICCID numbers were wrong and what the outcome was.

  • zp

    Guys, I was receiving errors on my Galaxy Note 4 on AT&T when I tried to set Google Voice as my voicemail provider. I’d get the conditional call forwarding message fail. The only way to remedy it for me was to call AT&T wireless tech support and have them change the conditional call forwarding to my GV number manually. They did that and it worked instantly. I’m not sure what the glitch is that blocks the switch within the phone, but the tech said that they will report it up the chain for a fix.

  • Rob

    Please help! I have an iPhone 6 on AT&T. The *61*…tip works,the calls to to my Google Voice account and I get transcribed email and/or texts informing me of this. However my iphone never rings to let me answer the calls before sending the to Google voice. I have contacted AT&T directly, and after 45 minutes we cannot seem to determine the problem. He had me uninstall the Voice App from the iPhone and then restart the phone and re-download it but still to ringing on the iphone straight to my Google Voice. He gave me Google # 650 253 0000 but I can’t get an actual person to answer the phone.

  • Michelle

    Marcel – please help! I input using what you had above. it didn’t work for me & now I can’t even use my AT&T VM. how do I deactivate all of this? Thank you!

  • Maddi Gould

    okay…so my question is….how do I STOP my AT&T messaging from going to Libon? I don’t want the service and I can’t disconnect it.

  • I would try disabling all call forwarding, verify that it rings, then try re-enabling the three call forwarding codes.

  • You can deactivate with ##004#

  • Jim

    Great news! I just installed iOS 8.3 Beta and the issue has been resolved! The old **004* conditional call forwarding code is working again and not setting it as unconditional.

  • That is great news! I can’t wait to test it out when the final release is made. If anyone else has access to the 8.3 beta, test it out and let us know.

  • Katherine Oakey

    I have an iPhone 6 which I have had since about 3 weeks after they came out. I had the problems as originally noted and was able to get my GV voicemail messages sent to me in email as well as text message.

    About the time I upgraded to 8.1.3, I stopped receiving text messages from GV. I have disabled (##004# and ##6n#) the phone many times.

    I have re-enabled using both **004*nnnnnnn# and the *61*, *62* and *67* using the number which shows in the popup when the phone is added to GV (which is a slightly different number than my GV access number).

    I call my mobile #, it does ring on the iPhone, I leave a message and get the message as email to my gmail account. I do NOT get the text message (and yes I have the Notify me of new voicemails via text box checked).

    Carrier is AT&T

    Ideas or suggestions. I really rely on the text message notification and it isn’t working


  • Maeday

    I have an iphone6+ having the same problem. Verizon tech didnt have a solution so I will to go to a verizon store.

  • Aaron M.

    Thanks so much for this. Found it quickly and the three codes above were easy. Got my Google voicemail back on my iPhone 6!!!

  • JohnE

    This was very helpful. I got a new iPhone 6 yesterday and all of a sudden today I was being asked to input my Voicemail password to retrieve my messages. I quickly realized I needed to reconfigure the Google Voice settings on my phone. I had the same problem with the **004* commands. This caused all my calls to ring straight to my google voice phone number and never ring on my new iPhone. I used the *61*, *62* and *67* codes above and then calls would ring on my phone again. However, I found if I ‘declined’ the call, it would continue to ring for the incoming caller as it was now ringing my google voice number. I only use Google Voice for the voicemail feature so I did not want my google voice number to ‘ring’. There is a setting that will ‘go straight to voicemail’ when the call is forwarded to your google voice number that will need to be changed: settings > phones > edit > show advanced settings > Call Forwarding = go straight to voicemail. Viola!!!

  • Thanks for the post. That worked for me!

  • Greg

    Thanks Marcel! I didn’t even realize my GV wasn’t working on my iPhone 6 until recently…I just thought people weren’t leaving voicemails. ha. Thanks again!

  • Joel Morris

    At some point, **004* started “working” again. But it sent the calls into a loop because all calls were forwarded, not just voicemail.
    I called AT&T customer service and after an hour they finally fixed the forwarding of voicemail. The rep said that since they are “HD voicemail” phones, it’s a new system and I would not have been able to forward it myself. The next problem he had was that he had to put in a [TAB] instead of a [SPACE] in his database. Hopefully that will help someone else to not spend an entire hour on the phone.

  • SteveInWA


    Thanks for your article — it looks like you’ve helped a lot of users deal with this. I’m , the author of the solution over on the Google Voice forum. The key points to understand are:

    -This is a problem with a small number of new smartphones’ firmware, notably the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, and the Samsung Note 4.

    -The problem is with the phone’s ability to send commands to enable or disable conditional call forwarding, also known as “No-answer/busy transfer”.

    -The problem isn’t specific or limited to AT&T Wireless, since it’s a phone firmware issue.

    -The different wireless carriers have different codes for enabling and disabling CCF, so the GSM codes used on AT&T’s network won’t work with Verizon’s CDMA network and vice versa. You must use the network’s correct codes, or contact their customer support to have them do it for you.

    -The WiFi calling and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) features in the latest phones can also interfere with sending CCF commands, so temporarily turn off WiFi and VoLTE (also known as HD calling), when sending the commands.

    Users having problems with Google Voice are encouraged to post on the Google Voice help forum:!forum/voice

  • Pingback: How To Get Google Voice Working With iPhone 6 On iOS 8()

  • Wow, you’ve really nailed down the specific issues. I was not aware this was a problem with non-Apple phones as well. Are you aware of anyone within Apple, Samsung, or any of the carriers that is aware of the issue and is attempting to resolve it? Or is Google aware of this and talking to the powers that be?

  • SteveInWA

    Hi Marcel:

    I have no visibility to what the carriers might be doing about it. I’m an Android user now, and I don’t have an iPhone to test, but I’ve seen one or two users mention that the latest iOS upgrade fixed the issue on the iPhone 6/6+.

    In general, this will continue to be an issue as more carriers roll out Voice over LTE (VoLTE, also described as HD Voice), and WiFi calling. These technologies often don’t support the same call forwarding commands over the new networks as they did over the traditional GSM or CDMA networks. The preferred method of controlling call forwarding, when it’s made available by the carrier, will be for mobile phone users to manage the settings on their carrier’s web portal page. For example, VZW has a “My Verizon” web page, where users can enable or disable or change CCF as needed, remotely. This will let the carrier’s back-end handle the complexity of managing the setting, instead of the user needing to know which * or # command works on which network.

    Google Voice is just a bystander, as it’s dependent on the carriers to support the feature.

  • I will test with an iPhone 6 to see if the latest update did fix it.

    I certainly would prefer a web portal option. Hopefully more carriers will offer that soon.

    I know Google Voice is a bystander, but given that the usage of this service is highly dependent on CCF, I figured they would want to put some pressure on the various players to get it resolved somehow.

    Anyway, thanks for your input!

  • cdivigard

    Using the instructions above I was able to forward ALL calls to my Google Voice Voice Mail. BUT what I really want to do is set it up so that if someone calls my cell phone number, they get may cell phone voice mail ***AND***if they call my Google Voice phone number they get my Google Voice voicemail. Is it really all or nothing?? (I’ve tried everything I could think of!)

  • If I understand correctly, what you’re asking for is simply the default arrangement and would require no call forwarding setups. If someone calls your cell phone, by default it would go to your regular voice mail. And if someone calls your GV number it will go to your GV voicemail by default.

  • Melissa

    Is there a way to allow certain calls to come through when your phone is on forward? Iphone 6

  • deegee

    perfect, worked on my 6 plus..

  • I don’t believe this is possible with any phone or wireless service. You would need to look into a specialized service such as

  • Excellent!

  • townsendmyers

    Hi Rob – this is exactly my problem. Did you ever get it sorted out?

  • Danny

    Yes. How do you make this work? Used to work on my iPhone 5 but not on my iPhone 6. As a result, my google voice number is directed to my cell phone but, rather than callers leaving voicemails in the google voice system, they leave them on my cell phone voicemail. This results in my cell phone voicemail filling up and no transcriptions, etc. When I forward my google voice number to another person’s phone, it does not do this.

  • I would double-check your Google Voice settings to make sure that your Google Voice number is properly forwarded to your iPhone. Then make sure your iPhone is set to properly Conditional Call Forward to your Google Voice number as this article describes. The old way doesn’t yet work but the workaround this article talks about usually does.

  • Seth Trueger

    FYI I just went through this with AT&T — changing the “default call forwarding voicemail number” to my google voice number fixed it. Thank you!

  • Don Folino

    Simple problem fixed…did a live chat w ATT. Didn’t mention conditional call forwardiing but had them just update my IMEI…problem solved!

  • Can you give us some more details on what you said to get them to update the IMEI? Do you need to give them the IMEI from your phone or do they have this information and simply need to update something correctly?

  • Don Folino

    Just told them I wanted to verify my IMEI on my iphone 5s. They saw without me telling them my IMEI that there was a discrepancy. Informed them of new IMEI, they updated, rebooted phone, good to go! Again this was all done through chat. I tried a few weeks ago to call to have them set up my conditional forwarding and they had no clue what I was talking about

  • Good tip. I wonder that because you have an iPhone 5S, if this will work for all the people who started having this issue with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. I may test it out soon. Thanks!

  • Arun Dütt Sharma

    And how it deactivated

  • Cdivigard

    I just went through the whole process again on my iPhone6. If I have conditional call forwarding on, ALL calls go to my Google Voice Voicemail. If I do NOT have conditional call forwarding on (the default setting), ALL calls (calls to my cell number AND calls to my Google Voice Number) go to my cell phone voice mail. Worse yet, I discovered that if I’m on the a call on my iPhone using the Google Voice App, the call to my Google Voice Number goes to my Home phone’s voice mail!!! (My Google Voice Number is forwarded to my cell and home numbers.) I’ve added and removed the CCF features multiple times. Had ATT verify my IMEI number. Checked my Google Voice Forwarding settings. I have run out of options.

  • If, in fact, conditional call forwarding is sending ALL calls to Google voicemail, then there is something seriously wrong with your AT&T account. The very definition of “conditional” call forwarding is that calls are forwarded only on certain conditions (unanswered, unreachable, or busy).

    It sounds like “regular” call forwarding is actually being enabled, which means that ALL calls are forwarded. If you are using the *6x* codes and this is happening, then I would say AT&T is screwing something up with your account. Are you using the *6x* codes or asking AT&T to turn it on?

  • cdivigard

    O.k., I think I got this figured out… needed to take a couple of extra steps, pieced together from posts here!topic/voice/XJt1i0rlm7A%5B126-150%5D

    I Started by being double-sure that all call forwarding was deactivated (#61#, #62#, #67#…and ##004#, for good measure.)

    I changed the length of time before voice mail picks up to 16 seconds like this: **61*1234567890*11*16# [send]

    The 16 is the number of seconds. (apparently this needs to be less than 25). And 12343567890 is my Google Voice Number.

    Then I activated Google Voice Call Screening in Google Voice Settings from my computer. Now, when I answer a call live, I need to press 1 to accept it. This is VERY annoying, but at least it works. When I can’t get to the phone, personal calls are going to my cell phone voice mail and business calls are going to Google Voice Voicemail. The way it should be.

    Never had to do this with my iPhone 4, or the Samsung Galaxy before that.

    So NOW it becomes abundantly clear…. when I got the iPhone 6 the thing I SHOULD have done was just gone into my Google Voice Settings and turn Call Screening on! Would have saved me hours of time!

  • jared

    Now that I enabled this, I can’t disable the conditional call forwarding. Thoughts?

  • Sharon Town Lee

    After finding your article, I called AT&T, explained
    the problem and asked them to change conditional forwarding codes. 4 phone calls and 1 supervisor later at AT&T, still not working. The supervisor confirmed that she had changed every single thing on AT&T’s end and all is correct. She said there were some things I could do on my end, and that she would send an article to help me with that. Then she sent me this article! Agh! Any other suggestions for me? I am hearing impaired and really need the voice mail transcripts.


    This seems to be the answer on iPhone6 with AT&T:


    Seems to work like a charm!

  • *21* is the code for “regular” call forwarding, i.e. *ALL* calls get forwarded before your phone even rings. This is fine if you do want to in fact forward all calls and never have your phone ring, but CONDITIONAL call forwarding is what most of us want to do. The “conditional” part means that the call is forwarded only after the call is not answered, or is busy, or the phone is out of cell coverage. This allows us to answer our phones like normal, but have calls go to a third-party voicemail service if we don’t answer.

  • The normal method to disable conditional call forwarding is ##004# (or #004#). You can also try disabling each individual option with #61#, #62#, and #67#.

    If those codes don’t work, then you will probably need to call AT&T.

  • I’m sorry you’re having a problem with your CCF. You didn’t elaborate if you have tried entering in the *6x* codes on the phone yourself. That is the first thing to try if you haven’t already. You may also need to call back AT&T and verify that your IMEI is correct in their system. I just got off the phone with an AT&T rep and he said that IMEI mismatches are fairly common. This may or may not be your problem but it is worth checking if the *6x* codes do not work.

  • Sharon Town Lee

    Yes, I put the codes in myself. It says that they were successful, but calls get disconnected without going to any voicemail. When I canceled forwarding, it also said it was successful, but the forward symbol is still on my phone and calls are still being disconnected. AT&T said IMEI matched. Ideas?

  • By any chance do you have Call Forwarding set up in the Settings app -> Phone? If so, turn that off. It is not necessary.

  • Sharon Town Lee

    Finally, success! The call forwarding had been deactivated on my AT&T account AND in my Google account, when I got the new phone. So happy now. Thanks for your posts.

  • John Larsen

    any one know what to do in my situation? I activated conditional call forwarding on my iphone 5s from AT&T using the *61* *62* *67* plus the number then # to deactivate it usually takes #61# #62# #67# I am now on the same carrier and have a iphone 6plus and tried to deactivate it with the same codes and it doesnt work. Please let me know!!!

  • You could try ##6x#, as the extra # is a “deregister” command which is usually not very relevant for most people, but perhaps in your case could make the command go through properly.

  • John Larsen

    What Does the x represent?

  • Instead of typing 61 62 and 67 each time, I just type 6x.

  • Tami Belsey

    I’m thrilled that AT&T fixed this problem for me after reading this post to them.
    Whew…I was thinking I would have to return to YouMail…Thank you!!

  • Ognail776


    I have AT&T Cellular Service and use an iPhone 6 Plus and I also been having difficulty with conditional call forwarding however I just found a set of dial codes that worked for me today. In the past I was using *67*12345678900*11# which did not work for me on iOS 8 and iPhone 6 Plus, however the following dial code did work: **67*12345678900#

    In addition to that code the **61*, & **62* also worked for me. To see what number you are forwarding to use code

    I use **67* for “Conditional” Call Forward, whereas when a my phone rings I see who is calling and if I want to Forward/Transfer the incoming call to the pre-programmed number I quickly double tap/push the side power button and it sends just that incoming call to the number that was programmed under **67*. This is very useful for me when I am in my office and I receive a call to my cell and want to take the call on my landline/office phone for better reception.

    Call Forward if Unanswered **61*12345678900#
    Call Forward if Unreachable: **62*12345678900#
    Call Forward if Busy: **67*12345678900#

    Each Dial Code can be programmed individually all to the same number or to different numbers for each dial code.

    To See what numbers calls are being forwarded to: *#67#

    Hope that helps and works for you.

  • Eric Kwong

    Hi all,

    I used *6x*+11234567890*11# . Yes there’s a “+” and the extra “1” for america. This works!! Appreciate all the comments and i just tried all the suggestions and combined some of them after seeing the return from *#61#.

  • Seth Ness

    i had same issue. none of the solutions here worked. ATT rep figured it out. She said there was a provisioning error. she fixed something in the provisioning and everything worked.

  • I have heard some people have provisioning errors, somehow related to the wrong IMEI code listed in their account. It seems like this can happen on upgrades from older phones.

    That being said, when the error was fixed, does this mean that you were then able to use the **004* code, did you still need to use the three individual *6x* codes, or did the AT&T rep set the forwards for you?

  • Seth Ness

    i never used 004, just 67 for forward on busy. that stopped working. ATT initially was able to activate it for me, but it never worked right. it was erratic and had this odd behavior where it would only ring the target phone once and if not answered would go directly to the iPhone voicemail (not the target phone voicemail – very strange).

    Anyway, there was no IMEI mismatch. After ATT rep found the provisioning error and fixed it. *67* worked again and the odd ringing behavior went away.

  • I wonder what that provisioning error was? Regardless, I’m glad that you were able to get it working.

  • John Larsen

    I thank you for your assistance on the canceling the ccf. Now I would like to have my phone be able to do the ccf. I’ve tried all that you have recommended from this topic and I still cannot get it to work. What is another option for this on the iPhone 6plus. iOS 8.3

  • You should call AT&T and make sure your phone is properly provisioned, including making sure there is not an IMEI mismatch. Basically explain that you can not set conditional call forwarding with the three codes and you want to make sure your phone is properly provisioned and then verify they have the correct IMEI number from your iPhone 6 Plus in your account on their end.

  • T Diddy Vegas

    How do I turn off call forward?

  • Rick Bray

    I get errors for all three codes and the first code. I have called AT&T and they set it up, but it doesn’t stick. They told me I had to do it through Google, but I can’t get the codes to work. Shut off LTE and still no good. IMEI on record is correct! Frustrated!

  • Rick Bray

    Now AT&T says it won’t work: Latandrum Paxton: Okay. The issue with this is that you can forward calls from the Google Voice number but you can not forward calls to a Google voice number. The reason is because Google Voice is not an actual phone service. It’s only a number that is used to forward all your different numbers to so that you will have only 1 number for all your phones.

  • Rick Bray

    AT&T Rep Latandrum Paxton: Right, but you have to have the calls actually going to a particular service line. Google voice is not a service provider.

  • Which type of call forwarding?

  • Your situation is strange, but I have read reports that people have had a lot of trouble at times. If all troubleshooting steps have failed, I recall reading that someone took their phone to an AT&T store, had them replace their SIM card with a new one and then they were able to use the CCF codes. Was your iPhone upgraded from a previous phone? Do you recall if the SIM was the same one from your old phone?

    That being said, have you tried doing all the CCF disable codes? ##004#, ##61#, ##62#, and ##67#. You can also use these codes for good measure ##21#, ##002# (they are “regular” call forwarding disable codes). If using these codes to disable CCF does not allow you to use the enable codes and you have exhausted all other options, you may want to try the SIM swapping method.

  • This rep is not providing correct information. Obviously, most of here use Google Voice as a third-party voicemail service. So it *is* possible to forward calls to your Google Voice number or else we wouldn’t be able to use GV as a voicemail service. The rep is correct in that many people use GV as one number for all their phones, but they obviously are not aware that GV can be used as a voicemail service.

    In fact, here is Google’s support document for using GV as voicemail for a mobile phone:

  • See my previous comment that this rep is not giving correct information.

  • Rick Bray

    After two escalations… still nothing. Does your GV number forward to your iPhone? Which then CCF’s to your GV? Seems like a loop which is what they tell me. WOuld love to send you the chat transcript… He asked me for the Google deposit number or something…

  • Rick Bray

    Called iPhone and ignored the call. It went to the GV number. iPhone number was disabled as a forwarding location.

    Enabled iPhone number as a forwarding location. Call iPhone and ignored call. Received recording that the number is not in service.

  • I do have my GV number forwarded to my iPhone. But that should not be necessary for GV voicemail to work with a mobile phone.

    According to Google’s instructions ( you just need to “add another phone”, choose the phone type, verify the number by having Google call it, then activate the voicemail on the phone by entering in their CCF codes. Obviously, make sure you have followed these steps. If nothing else, you may want to remove your mobile phone from Google’s settings, then try re-adding it and following all the steps including verification.

    But usually Google isn’t the problem. If your Google setup is correct as per the above instructions and your phone is forwarding to your GV number, then Google usually works just fine. The problem is often in getting your iPhone’s CCF working correctly (technically getting AT&T’s CCF to work correctly).

    You can try troubleshooting by eliminating Google Voice altogether. Instead of setting up CCF to forward to GV, try setting up CCF to forward to another phone (either mobile or landline). Call your iPhone from another phone altogether, and if you let the call go “to voicemail” after setting up CCF, then it should ring the number of the phone you’ve forwarded to. If this works, then it seems CCF is working and then you need to set CCF to your GV number. If CCF works to a regular phone and not to GV, then the problem may be with GV or your GV setup. But if CCF doesn’t even work to a regular phone number, then the problem has nothing to do with GV and everything to do with your AT&T account (possibly SIM card).

    Give these things a try and let us know if it works.

  • Weird. So are you saying that you got it to work as long as the iPhone number was disabled as a forwarding location within the GV setup? Or does it still not work?

  • Rick Bray

    I did a bunch of tests today and in each case, when the iPhone is called and not answered, shut-off, or in airplane mode, I get a message saying the phone number is not in service. ONE time when I declined the call, it went to GV VM. That was not repeatable. My test included various states of my two GV forwarding numbers being active/inactive. AT&T has really screwed this up. I have to go to the Apple store today to drop off a computer. Maybe they can swap the SIM card there… which is also where I originally got it tho…

  • Rick Bray

    Went to the AT&T store to tell them the *62* didn’t work and they first told me I had to turn on Call-forwarding. I explained to them that I wanted conditional-forwarding and they said they thought it had to be turned on to work. She rebooted the phone (which I’ve done a zillion times) and of course it still didn’t work. I then suggested replacing the SIM card and it still didn’t work. She suggested I call support…

  • In all your testing, did you set forwarding to a different number than your GV number (like another cell phone or a land line)? If so, and you’re still getting phone is not in service, then I must assume AT&T has your line/account really screwed up. I’m not sure where to go from here if support hasn’t been able to help you.

    Here’s a long shot. The best customer support rep I have ever spoken to was someone by the name of Mike Shields. Perhaps you can call in and request to talk to him. If anyone at AT&T customer support can help, it would be him. When I called him about a different issue, he seemed to be extraordinarily knowledgeable about things that most customer support reps have no idea about. Good luck!

  • John

    I’ve noticed that on my iPhone 6 the regular call forwarding in the settings app doesn’t even work. When I go to call forwarding it takes me to a screen with a text field that says “Loading…” then when i back out and try to turn it off it says call settings could not be modified. Has anyone figured out a way to resolve this without speaking to someone at AT&T? I need to change these settings frequently so calling AT&T every time isn’t an option. Thanks!

  • Marissa Levy Lerer

    I just got a new iphone6 to replace my busted one and even though this worked for me 9 months ago, it does not seem to be working now. Any thoughts?

  • Marissa Levy Lerer

    nevermind – it was already set up. Please disregard!

  • I would think that you should only need to call AT&T once to straighten out the problem so that you could change your own call forwarding settings from then on.

  • Good! I was thinking that your situation was very strange!

  • I haven’t read every comment but I got this to finally work by first disabling the default that was already on my phone. The it accepted the Google Voice settings.

  • When you say “disabling the default” what exactly do you mean by that? Thanks!

  • Eddie Sprouse

    ***SOLVED*** For me the issues was just like most reported. I could not set up the CCF with the ***004*. But I also didn’t want to call AT&T. The solution I found was I needed to set up my voicemail with my new iPhone 6 fist. I went to the dialer app and clicked on the voicemail button which then dialed my normal AT&T voicemail and took me through the steps to set up my voicemail for the first time. After that I hung up and then dialed the ***004* number as you are supposed to do and hit send. This time it worked. I called my phone from another line and confirmed that it was now working properly. One item to note is I also logged in to the google voice app on my phone before setting up the AT&T voice mail. I don’t think that had anything to do with the success I had but I wanted to make sure I covered all the bases.

  • Very interesting technique. I will see if I can confirm this. Thanks!

  • Bradford Johnson

    I could not get the *004*1xxxxxxxxxx# to work. called at&t and after a few attempts reached a tech support rep that told me the issue is a VoLTE issue as I have a iPhone 6 plus???

    she configured my account on her end and it seems to be working. she said they have 3 tabs that are new / different (when using VoLTE) that need to be configured on her side. i logged back in to google voice and it does not show that google voice is active on my at&t mobile, but i have tested it a few times and it is working.

    good luck to all

  • So the rep configured your CCF from her side? I’m curious if you tried the *6x* codes at any point?

  • Owen

    Sorry for the delay. I didn’t know you had responded. By “disabling the default” I meant that I had to sent a “turn off” code to remove the fact that CCF was going to AT&T voicemail before it would let me send the codes discussed here to forward voicemail to Google Voice.

  • Kelly

    I tried just about everything 100 times, but this is what worked for me on my iphone6 with AT&T:
    1)..dial #61#
    2)..dial #62#
    3)..dial *61*1yournumber#
    4)..dial *62*1yournumber#
    5) you can dial ##004#
    6) you can dial **004*1yournumber#
    ….. this is what worked for me. I was on LTE when I did this.

  • There_are_no_free_lunches

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! This worked! I spent 30 minutes on the phone with AT&T people. I wish I saw this before. I am on iPhone 6 plus iOS 8.4

  • King Rabbi

    Here is what worked for me. Turn off LTE. turn on forwarding in the settings>phone>forwarding menu to your GV number. now go use **004* and set conditional forwarding. then turn off forwarding again in the phone settings. all “seems” to be ok. not sure why all of the sudden on my iPhone 6 things became so difficult. thanks for all the info and I hope this helps someone.

  • This worked for me, too! iPhone 6+ on iOS 8. Thanks for the tip!

  • Rene’

    hi Marcel, my name is Rene’,I am in the USA. I just upgraded from an iphone 5 to iphone 6 plus, I was using conditional call forwarding (When busy or on the line call forwards) with the iphone 5 by *67*(forwarding number)*11# then call button to activate, to deactivate I used #67#, all very easy. Can you suggest to me how to activate this type of conditional call forwarding as well as how to deactivate it. I need to be able to turn on /off daily since I only need it about 5 hrs a day.

  • Todd Shaffer

    So for sprint you use *73——— and *74——— where – are the 10’digit phone number you are forwarding it to

  • MurrayPort80910

    The suggestions here all worked off and on for me with an iPhone 6 and iOS 8.4.1 on AT&T in the US, but often I could not get any positive results at all. and even good results were not repeatable even after MANY power cycles and hard resets. I went to my local AT&T retail store and talked with a guy that has been very helpful (says he’s been doing phones for “23 years”) in several previous situations, but he gave me a ‘deer in the headlights’ look when I tried to get his help with CCF on my iPhone. He said call Tech Support.

    I just found an incredibly valuable resource at Scroll about half way down for a big table of CCF features.

    I discovered that after first CHECKING the current status of each CCF feature (ie: *#67# for Busy), I could then set it and it would stay. There is a LOT of information on this page but by wading through it I was FINALLY able to get all three settings straightened out and working. Now *004*[…]# is working every time. WHEW!

    Quick n Dirty Summary:
    No Answer: *61*[destination]*[seconds]#
    Unreachable: *62*[destination]#
    Busy: *67*[destination]#

    BTW, some of the options offered on the GSM Codes page don’t seem to work with my AT&T/iPhone6, but all three important CCF features work exactly as described there. Also, using *#004# to check the status of all three CCF features only reports the setting for Busy. Use *#6x# to check them each individually.

  • Luis Macias

    I had upgraded from a iPhone 5 to an iPhone sim and I just moved my sim and never updated my IMEI. Chatting with at&t care fixed my issues with not being able to activate google voice using their normal activation programming. I am happy again yay!

  • Luis Macias

    I had upgraded from a iPhone 5 to an iPhone sim and I just moved my sim and never updated my IMEI. Chatting with at&t care fixed my issues with not being able to activate google voice using their normal activation programming. I am happy again yay! Glad this fixed the issues I was having

  • I just went on a trip to Mexico and I could not set “normal” call forwarding on my iPhone. So I had to run through similar steps to what you describe. I had to turn off CCF with the ##004# code. Then I could set normal call forwarding through the Settings App. After I came back from Mexico, I disabled normal call forwarding and I was able to set conditional call forwarding with the standard **004* code. So somewhere along the line it seems AT&T/Apple has fixed the issue, at least for my account. Assuming the underlying issue has been fixed, apparently the bottom line is that enabling/disabling conditional call forwarding options may help “reset” the system and allow us to correctly set CCF after all is said and done.

    Thanks for your input!

  • So I got an iPhone 6S Plus today. I wish I had paid closer attention to how the AT&T rep set up my new phone, because I didn’t need to do *anything* to have my voicemails conditionally forwarded to Google Voice. It was as if the CCF settings carried over on my account to my new iPhone. I wonder if AT&T has changed how CCF settings work? I’m curious if others have had this experience.

  • Angel

    I was able to use the standard **004* after turning off “Dial Assist” in my phone settings. Worked right away.

  • Charlie

    Self service solution: put your sim in an older phone, activate CCF using the * codes, replace sim in new phone. Worked for me on an S5, which doesn’t allow activation, by using my S4 (which does) to do it.

  • Hmmm … interesting. What kind of iPhone do you have and what iOS version?

  • Yes, this definitely does work. Thanks for sharing!

  • Scott MacPherson

    It worked! Even with lte on. IPhone 6s.

  • Good to know it still works on newer iPhones, although I’m wondering why it still is a problem up to this point! Thanks for commenting!

  • Disqusr

    Thıs worked great on my AT/T iPhone7+ – thanks for sharing!

  • You’re welcome!

  • Lyn

    If someone dialed my AT&T number, it will be sent straight to GV voicemail. If someone dialed my GV number, the hangouts app rings.
    I can’t figure how to get the hangout app to ring when someone dials my att number

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