AT&T GigaPower Service Looks Good But Has Strings Attached

gigabit-internetI recently noticed that signs for the new AT&T Gigapower service had popped up in a subdivision near where I live. Simply put, GigaPower is the brand name for AT&T’s new gigabit fiber Internet service. Yes, that is 1 Gbps or 1000 Mbps service! In this area, 100 Mbps is tops for residential service and around 200 Mbps is tops for reasonably affordable commercial service (you can currently pay big bucks for fiber service in our area, but that is usually not something most want to pay for). Needless to say, gigabit service would completely change the game in our area when it comes to Internet service. So I started researching AT&T’s GigaPower service to learn more and I found both good news and … let’s say “questionable” news.

Let’s start with the good news. AT&T is offering unbundled 1 Gbps service for $90/month. Now that is certainly higher than most Internet services in our area, but for 1 Gbps service, it is extremely reasonable. Installation and monthly equipment fees are “waived,” as I would expect, since most people don’t like paying for installation or equipment. To be fair, this pricing requires a 12-month commitment, but a one year agreement really isn’t out of line here so that’s not unreasonable in my opinion. Finally, 1 Gbps is the “maximum network service capability,” and “actual customer speeds may vary.” So it will be interesting to see if customers actually get anywhere close to 1 Gbps service, which will be difficult to measure since few services on the Internet could possibly push 1 Gbps of data to an end-user. Still, even if real throughput is only half (which wouldn’t be acceptable but I’m just using it as a frame of reference), 500 Mbps would still be mind-blowinginly fast!


So that’s the good news. Now for the strings. First, AT&T caps GigaPower service Internet usage to 1 TB of data per month and would charge you $10 for each additional 150 GB over 1 TB (up to $100). If you so choose, you can pay an extra $30/month and get an unlimited data allowance or if you bundle U-verse TV service with GigaPower Internet you also get an unlimited data allowance (this bundle requires a 2-year agreement). Now granted, 1TB is an incredible amount of data. So likely most people would not hit that cap. However, people who are willing to pay $90/month for gigabit speed Internet might just be the type of people to eat up that much data, especially if they are cord-cutters and stream a lot of video. Now all that being said, AT&T has announced they will be increasing Internet data caps across all of their services beginning August 21st, 2016. GigaPower users will be allowed unlimited data usage beginning on that date which would eliminate the data cap issues I just wrote about, but at the time of this writing, the 1 TB data cap still exists.

The far more potentially onerous gotcha with AT&T’s GigaPower service is their requirement that you opt-in to a service called “AT&T Internet Preferences.” This service basically allows AT&T to track your web browsing information and target ads according to your interests. If you choose not to participate in AT&T Internet Preferences you will be charged an additional $29/month for your GigaPower Internet service. Now to many people, assuming they even realize what they are opting-in to, this may sound like an invasion of privacy. But it may not be quite so bad. Like most companies, AT&T promises to never sell your personal information to any other companies so really it is just an ad targeting service. If you’ve ever noticed ads popping up for things you were shopping for recently, you already probably get targeted ads when you surf today from Google, Facebook, and other such companies. I personally do not have a problem with targeted ads because I’d much rather see ads that interest me instead of blanket untargeted promotions. This is probably because I’m fairly confident that the technology used does not gather personal information so I feel fairly safe. Yet I think it does set a questionable precedent that your Internet provider will basically charge you if you do not participate in their ad targeting service. Sure, they call it a “discount” but let’s get real. I’d much rather see the “actual” price of the service and then be given the option to discount it if I so choose, instead of being baited with a lower price and then be told that the true price is higher if I don’t choose to participate in an ad targeting service. I have a feeling AT&T will get a lot of pushback from customers as GigaPower begins to see broader deployment, but time will tell. Obviously if you do not like the way AT&T promotes their GigaPower service you must complain so they will get the message.

The final string attached to AT&T’s GigaPower offering is that service areas are very limited – and I do mean VERY limited. From what I’ve read, AT&T is currently only deploying GigaPower to neighborhoods and subdivisions that are already wired with fiber infrastructure. Primarily these are fairly new subdivisions (likely around 10 years old, maybe 15 years on the outside) within certain communities so it is very possible that one neighborhood will get GigaPower service while the next neighborhood over will not. Since many subdivisions do not have fiber infrastructure, they will likely not get GigaPower service for a long time. When I say “long time” it may literally be several years or longer because the cost of laying fiber in a neighborhood is significant. AT&T at this time wants to get to the low-hanging fruit of areas that already have fiber before they invest the capital to lay it in other areas to deploy their GigaPower service. So if you live in a newer subdivision and you are getting GigaPower service, feel free to get excited. However, if you live in an older area, don’t expect to see this service any time soon so temper your expectations. Just because your friends in town are getting GigaPower, doesn’t mean the whole town (or even a good fraction) will be getting it soon. Now that being said, competition from other companies may introduce gigabit services to certain areas so gigabit Internet speeds may still become a reality even if AT&T isn’t providing it.

If you are in an area that has or are getting AT&T GigaPower (or another gigabit service), please comment below if you are planning on getting the service or if you already have it and what your impressions are. Do note that if you are going to get gigabit service of any kind, you must make sure your router can handle the extremely high speeds or else you won’t be getting the full benefit of the service you are paying for. At this time with the limited deployment of gigabit services, there is not a lot of information regarding routers that can truly handle gigabit throughput, so shop carefully.

  • Jim Tippins

    Good report. I have no issue with targeted ads for discounted high speed service. I was in Rockledge, Florida a few weeks ago and saw contractors laying fiber bundles in the Chelsea Park subdivision. I asked a foreman and he said it was AT&T fiber. Hopefully, this will mean Gigapower will be there soon!

  • Yes, I much prefer targeted ads that I have some interest in rather than ads that have no idea what my interests are. But I wish AT&T would be more upfront about this instead of the virtual “bait-and-switch” they are doing now. Likely if AT&T is laying fiber, you’ll see Gigapower soon. Let us know if they do come to your area and if you can get the service.

  • As a follow-up, I met someone who has GigaPower service in my area. They showed me a screenshot of a speed test showing about 950 Mbps on both upload and download with a recent model Apple Airport wireless router using a wired Ethernet connection directly to the router. That is really incredible bandwidth and I hope to be able to do some of my own testing soon.

  • Charles Higginbotham

    I just got Gigapower in Louisville, KY. Our neighborhood is around 10 years old and only had TWC as an option. Once Google threatened to come to Louisville with Fiber, TWC and AT&T both started to squirm. TWC rolled out MAXX (300Mbs) within a few months and AT&T started laying fiber over the summer to a few areas.

    So far, I’m happy with the performance. On, I’m seeing 500-900+ download and 800-900+ upload, depending on the server. I bundled TV service, so I have unlimited data. My family typically uses 300 to 400GB per month, although that spiked to 800GB when we binged Luke Cake in 4k on Netflix. The buffering on Netflix 4k is almost nothing now.

    I’m locked into service for a year but my price is good for two years. That’s a plus since I’m used to calling whichever service every 12 months with an empty threat to cancel.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience and bandwidth tests! Out of curiosity, what kind of router do you have? Have you tested the bandwidth if you plug directly into the GigaPower “modem”?

  • Charles Higginbotham

    I’m currently using a combo of the AT&T device and an Apple Airport Extreme (in bridge/AP mode). My house is not big but it’s hard to get good wifi for some reason. I’m going to experiment with turning off the AT&T wifi and going with a Netgear Nighthawk. As far was wired, I get the same results plugged into the modem as I do with a Netgear switch between.

  • Do you have a newer Airport (“tall” vs the older “flat” model)? If you are using an Airport, you should turn off the AT&T Wi-Fi anyway so that it doesn’t conflict with the Airport’s signal. What kind of walls does your house have (drywall vs plaster vs something else)?

  • Charles Higginbotham

    I found the problem. I had the AP plugged into the same switch with the Uverse IPTV boxes and multicast was causing an issue. Lesson learned..if you are using ethernet for the Uverse TV boxes, use a separate switch and then connect it to one of the four ports on the AT&T gateway (for NVG599). AT&T will try to use 3 or 4 ports on their gateway for the Uverse boxes. You can connect them all to a small 5-port switch and save the other three ports on the gateway.

  • sjcdal

    And what kind of “taxes and fees” are added to the TV/net packages.
    any equipment fees like DirecTV?

  • That’s a good question and I can’t answer since I don’t have the service. I’ll try to talk to someone that does and see if they can answer definitively.

  • punx2000

    I just recently got 1Gbps from AT&T a month ago and now canceiling it. I live in the Sacramento, CA area and though they advertise 1Gbps, you will rarely get that speed. I find that it is inconsistent and unreliable. I get 200-900Mbps but I’d usual get mostly in the 200-500 range. I’ve had two techs come out only to tell me that their line is good and there’s nothing wrong with it. I have fiber to the home and my house is wired with Cat5e. I rarely use WiFi only with the phones.

    They gave me a 5268ac Residential Gateway to “lease” (you get it waived) and you can’t use anything else. You’re stuck with it. I feel that the RG lacks customization so I ended up using my own router and set it up for IP Passthrough. Speeds remained the same but what finally ticked me off is its inconsistencies to play HD content on YouTube for Roku. It takes a while to load and when it finally plays, it’s on 144p or something ludicrous for 1Gbps internet. Even changed the DNS to point to Google’s and disabled IPv6 and that didn’t help at all.

    The good thing about 1Gbps plan is that they don’t have data caps but it’s not worth the price if you’re not getting the speed you paid for. Anyway, that’s my experience with AT&T’s 1Gbps. Going back to 100Mbps plan with a competitor. At least, that speed was consistent and reliable.

  • B Thomp

    Thinking about checking it out. As of now, I maybe get an average of 10mbps. If I’m lucky. And I’ll be paying the same or even less as my current bundle. I just wanted to touch on one thing in your article: “They “promise” never to share/sell your info.” Does that include big brother? Ask Eric Snowden.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • It certainly is a concern if private companies share data with government agencies without our knowledge. But since we don’t know what we don’t know, unfortunately, it’s hard to factor that in for purposes of a technology review. Let us know if you do sign up for GigaPower and how it works out for you.

  • B Thomp

    Yes I know this is a tech review but I did chuckle a bit pertaining to the promise comment. You can read the documents the aforementioned person released to the public. We do know that these comm companies shared every single Americans phone records with them. And it also touches on several other entries we were not aware previously. Most of us anyways. Why do you think he exiled to Russia, our supposed enemy. Anywho, I’m straying. I Just like my fellow Americans to be informed. My Fiber will be setup tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes. Good day.

  • J King

    I found a pretty good deal. Currently in Houston, Texas AT&T is offering a 1 year promo for $80 a month with unlimited data. (taxes and fees are not included) Surprisingly, after the 1 year promo ends. Your bill will stay $80 a month for as long as you keep the service. AT&T is calling this promo “$39 off Internet for Life” and the Wi-Fi gateway is included in the price. I thought to myself that this sounds to good to be true. Therefore, I decided to speak with multiple chat, 1-800, and local AT&T sale reps and they all confirmed this deal is indeed 100%. I knew about privacy/monitoring policy a while back and that was the only reason why I did not sign up at that time. However, I took a little time to research and found out that the privacy policy no longer applies. AT&T ended the policy literally one month after you wrote the article. (see links below)

    I have decided to sign up for this service and a tech will be out this week to install. I will post results over the weekend.

  • Thanks for the info! I will update the article soon to include this information.

  • Tonya Mitchell

    I have AT&T ditched Comcast and couldn’t be happier I have the 1000 GB and so far it’s been really good! My speed has been averaging around 900 upload 950 download pretty consistent so far! I work from home so I needed at least 100 MB upload and download and Comcast wasn’t giving me either consistently I would be lucky if I got 50 so far I love AT& T I’m actually getting Uverse the day after the Super Bowl I can’t wait

  • Riley Browning

    Honestly I’ve had gigapower for a while now and it’s on my last nerve. At first, I got speeds upwards of 950 Mbps. Now I rarely get 100. Upload has never been faster than 2 mbps. Then comes the sheer(and when I say sheer I mean it) SHEER REILABILTY. The reliability is garbage. My old 12 Mbps link with wired was way better. Roku, YouTube, and game servers all have trouble and loose connection to the internet itself. While they are still connected to the router(which is crap), the link itself seems hollow. Watching YouTube is almost impossible on any device because 90% of the time, it just says no connection. Like I said, I’m ready to drop it but I really don’t know what to move to.

  • NWxSW

    I’ve had Gigapower 1000 for about 10 days, ordered it as soon as it became available on their website after seeing them hang fiber in the neighborhood. It took three trips before it was installed. First trip – box on the pole didn’t work, incorrect wiring during install. Second trip, no light at box, didn’t tell me why that time. Third trip – finally all was working and we were in business.

    Pretty much immediately I noticed issues with devices connected (all via wifi). I have PS Vue for streaming cable TV, and it started freezing. Videos with Chromecast would buffer and stutter (didn’t matter the site), HBO Now also had stuttering. I started trying a few speed tests and over the course of a couple of hours got wildly inconsistent speeds, from a few megs to a few hundred. Called them and was asked to test again, that time getting about 100 meg, was told that 150 was considered minimum acceptable over wifi. Plugged my laptop in and got 900+. Decided to disconnect my own router and use the one provided, which seemed to work fine, wifi speeds were stable at 300-400 megs download.

    That didn’t last, and within a few hours all streaming apps were stuttering and buffering again. Ran speed tests and again got wildly different results, sometimes under 1 meg download. I’m going to plug in the TVs and a few other devices with ethernet cables next and see if the issue is with wifi, but I never had any of these issues with 100mbs Comcast internet. If the problems persist I’ll have a tech come out, if they don’t find/fix anything then I’ll be going back to cable. Very disappointed so far.

  • Thank you for your report! Which city/area do you live and what kind of router/wireless setup do you have?

  • Thanks for sharing this info with us. What city or area do you live in? One thing you may want to try is disabling the wireless function on AT&T’s router/modem and then try reconnecting your router. I’d love to be able to tell you how exactly to disable the wireless function on AT&T’s router/modem but since I’ve not worked with one yet I can’t be sure. But if you poke around you should be able to find the wireless settings. Let me know if you do find them and if you can send a screenshot of the interface that would be great. And let us know what happens with the reliability of your connection. Thanks!

  • That’s great to hear! What city/area do you live in? What kind of router/wireless setup are you using?

  • hal

    Well I’ll tell you what I just learned. Today in my mailbox was a note advising me gigapower is coming to my neighborhood and to get ready for digging. Now I live where my phone and power are above ground and we have POTS and DSL3. I’m at the end of the line for phone meaning the Ariel cable ends at the pole in front of my house. I never thought in a hundred years I would see fiber to the home. Now I pray I can uverse but I think that’s a dying service now that ATT owns DirectTV

  • hal

    Can you tell me what they install inside the home. Are they going to running cables thru my attic and fishing walls to route cat 5 or Cat 6. I assume you keep your copper served analog phones. Or are they terminating the Fibre at the side of my house and then I’m stuck doing whatever premise wiring is required. Thanks in advance for any Reply’s. I’m in Ft Lauderdale.

  • How old is your neighborhood? Was it built out in the last 10-15 years?

  • Gigi Crummett

    I got AT&T Internet 300Mps. I am in the Charlotte,NC metro area. I could have gotten the 1g speed but I don’t have any devices that really can utilize that speed. 300 Mps is great for my families needs. Prior to changing service to AT&T, I was with Time Warner and had upgraded to their 300Mps service. I never streamed faster than 75 mps ( download) and upload speeds were ridiculously slow. 4G LTE was faster and more reliable. I had to reboot the router daily. I had AT&T gigapower installed at the beginning of December 2016. It is now February 19th 2017 and I have not had to reboot at all. When I am connected to the 5 ghz speed I connect consistently at 290-330mps download and a little slower upload. When connect to the 2.4 ghz speed the upload and down load are significantly slower, but fast enough to stream at least 3+ devices. My household is a streaming powerhouse and regularly stream 500-750gig monthly. I’m extremely happy with AT&’s fiber optic service.

  • uberwald

    I’ve had the 1Gps service for almost 2 weeks now, and I’m loving it. It’s such a huge improvement over the 50/5 service from TWC/Speculum. The included router has terrible wifi, so I’ve ordered a Ubiquiti access point and I may end up getting their wired router as well to use the ARRIS device in passthrough. My house was built in the 1920s and the neighborhood’s newest house was built in the 1950s.

  • Thank you for that very detailed report!

  • Thank you for sharing this information! If I may ask, in what area do you live? Because your neighborhood is fairly old, do you know if you live very near an AT&T central office? Or do you know of if fiber was deployed in your area for a particular reason?

  • uberwald

    I’m in Cleveland Heights, OH, an inner-ring east-side suburb of Cleveland. I have nooo idea why they chose to roll out here 🙂

  • According to this article, it looks like you can thank Republicans!

  • Teresa H Halley

    I live in Prattville AL & got AT&T Fiber yesterday. Much faster than cable modem, but only getting up/down speeds of about 600MBPS. Very happy but wondering why others in my area are getting the 900MBPS range.

  • Buz Poole

    ATT is installing fiber in my neighborhood in Oklahoma City. We are an older neighborhood and they are having to put in underground conduit all through the neighborhood. They have not finished the install so I have not received an offer for GigaPower yet

  • Bill

    Sorry, but I have had it since Sep 2016 in Cocoa FL and I have unlimited data and my average speed for both upload and download is between 940-980.

  • Good to know!

  • I’m not sure why you are saying sorry, but thank you for letting us know that you have GigaPower service in your town and also reporting what your speeds are. This information is very helpful for others to let them know if this service is available in their area and also if it is worth subscribing to.

  • Jennifer Nguyen

    What street or area do you live in. Trying to buy a house but cant find one with giga service

  • Christopher Brown

    An apartment I am moving into in Indianapolis,IN is having fiber laid down for Att Fiber. I plan on getting it. The apartment complex has been there like 30 years.

  • John Scott

    I live on the west side of Cleveland (w.130th & Lorain area, not exactly an up and coming neighborhood) and just found out that “GigaPower”fiber optic is available in my neighborhood. I had noticed that there were new cable installations going in along the poles behind my property late last fall and figured it was fiber optic. After going to the At&t store yesterday to drop Directv and bundle the rest of my At&t services. TV, internet, phone & wireless the sales person informed me that GigaPower was available to me and he was very surprised, as was I. Not sure if I’ll subscribe to the max speed service though. We get by ok on just 13Mbps streaming HD movies with no buffering. (ethernet wired). The sales associate mentioned dropping back in after the u verse phone and TV were installed and he would hook me up with a good deal on the internet service.

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • It seems AT&T is hot and heavy in the Cleveland area. Apparently they laid a lot of fiber in preparation for the RNC last year and have continued to build upon it.

  • Jake Burns

    I am a PC gamer and live streamer, and just signed up for at&t gigabit near austin TX. It is being installed today. I am coming from TWC(spectrum) with 100/10 download/upload speeds. After a year of paying 50/month with TWC, my bill jumped to 75 because a “promotion” supposedly ended. At&t is offering gigabit for 80 a month in my area, so its a no brainer for me. 10x the download and 100x the upload speed for 5 dollars a month more. Speed isn’t everything though. Latency is a huge factor in determining your online experience, and I am hoping its better than what I had. I will update this tonight after its installed with my impressions with online gaming, 4k youtube videos and HD live streaming

  • Sweet! I’d pay $80 in heartbeat. From what I understand, the latency should be excellent since it is a fiber service, but please do some ping tests and let us know what you find. What’s your live stream? Maybe I can tune in today.

  • Jake Burns

    Verdict on gigabit from AT&T: Incredible! I downloaded from steam at a peak of 84mb/sec, and it took me less than 4 minutes to download a 12GB game. HD streaming works flawlessly, and with high bitrates and resolutions (4k). I almost feel like I have overkill internet. In speed tests, I never quite reach gigabit speeds, but its usually 750-920 mb/sec so far. If the price is right, I highly recommend getting gigabit!

  • Jake Burns
  • Some guys have sports cars. Others have 10 ms ping and 900+ Mbps bi-directional bandwidth. Drool.

  • Anvar Khodzhaev

    I’m historical Inner Loop Houston Heights area. AT&T Gigabit was installed 1 month ago. Free installation and setup took about 3 hours. Speed strait from the modem is consistent: ping: 1, download: 960-940 Mb/s, upload: 960-940 Mb/s. 5Ghz from the modem: download ~ 320 Mb/s, upload ~310 Mb/s. Monthly bill jumped to $114 from $59 for Internet only but it’s worth it. Our family consists of very intense streamers.

  • I like that the speed test shows “faster than 99% of US”. Also a 1 ms ping time. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • raylucas

    I am currently building a new house in Carmel, IN and GigaPower is available. It is either that or the local cable company at 100Mbps. Not bad, but not 1000. it is a new build, so all new fiber in the neighborhood. House is already wired with CAT6 and I have 3 ceiling locations specifically slated for AP’s. I am currently a U-Verse customer, so transferring service to the new place and upgrading from my 18Mbps cap to GB should be a lot of fun. Will keep you posted on my findings and speeds once in the new house. Thanks for all the good info above.

  • JK

    Hello, I just signed up with AT&T 1G service, $80/month + tax and fees (not sure what the cost of tax & fees yet), no install fee, if I change my POTS phone line to VoIP/bundle, within 30 days, (but I have to pay the $99 install fee to change over to VoIP phone, so they’ll still get me for $99 install fee anyway) they will lock in $80 per year for life!, where ever I go that has 1G service, (that’s what the sales lady told me) We’ll see.

    I live in Fullerton, CA older OC neighborhood, houses built 30-50 years range. Most of the homes are either rebuilt or renovated though.
    AT&T started laying up, (on old telephone poles) fiber lines last year and now we have the fiber service available.

    Techs came out today and found out that, the fiber junction box was about 200ft away from our house, incidentally, there’s telephone pole just behind our back yard in between old trees. They said that AT&T only put 4 way splitters/can only serve 4 homes, per junction box, and our home is the 5th home near that particular junction box. ( why would they only have 4 output/splitters, even the techs were saying that was a dumb thing.

    Only one service (home) was tied in from that box, so in theory, we could have got the service but the box/cable was chewed up by SQUIRRELS, the tech said they just came out past Sunday to fix the one service that was ordered, and found that it was damaged.

    It’s been less than 2 years since they layed the fiber lines, and already this issue.
    So now I have to wait 3-4 weeks before they come out and fix the junction box.
    Will let you know how the 1G service works out once I get connected.
    Damn squirrels…

    Question; I have the newer high tower version of the Apple WIFI, will this handle the speed of the 1G service?

    Thanks, JK

  • John Bellard

    You are the MVP of this thread for me lol. I am a recent former TWC/Charter/Spectrum employee, and in anticipation for my move into a paying customer I was looking heavily at the 300Mps option in the Charlotte area. Basically my services were identical to yours beforehand. I will most likely go with this option after reading this. Is it safe to assume that you do not have Uverse for your tv?

  • Gigi Crummett

    No I don’t have Uverse. I have DIRECTV. The gigafiber was bundled with the DIRECTV. I’m really happy with both services. I guess we will have to see what happens when my 24 month price lock guarantee is up. I am not happy with the DIRECTV App however. TWC/Spectrum app was way better and much more reliable.

  • Wow, what a hassle! Hopefully it all works out for you soon. Let us know when something happens.

    I have a client that has GigaPower along with a newer Apple wireless device and they are getting near full throughput with it, so I would expect you would be good to go as well.

  • Jim Tippins

    Update…Gigapower is in the subdivision…about 987 M down.

  • Awesome!

  • Ophelia Sokol

    Kind of late to the party but we were looking into ATT Fiber and the datacap is what has me worried most. Both of us are very heavily involved in online gaming, and I myself do a lot of streaming between art and games like Overwatch. It’s just the two of us, doing that and some basic youtube/facebook/etc. Have you guys hit your cap at all?

  • I believe that the data cap was lifted a few months ago, so you should be good to go.

  • Raquel Harrington

    Disclaimer: I am an AT&T mobility employee.

    Just got AT&T 1000 installed in the Benton Park neighborhood of Saint Louis, MO. Close in to downtown, all historic homes (most around 100 years old) but within a few miles of a Central Office.

    Speed testing at 962 down/964 up.

    Prices should be going to $70 for life with 1 year term, no equipment fee, no installation, no data cap for all consumers.

  • Hey, you’re in my neck of the woods! I live in Glen Carbon, IL. My wife’s cousin moved out to Benton Park recently. I’ll need to tell her that GigaPower is out there. What do you do for AT&T Mobility?

  • Yes, definitely keep us informed! Thanks!

  • Had AT&T Fiber installed today. They don’t call it Gigapower here in Nashville. SImply Internet 1000.

    No install or equipment fees.
    Speeds are anywhere from 500-900 Mbps up and down.
    $70/month increasing to $80/month after 12 months.
    No Data Cap on this plan.
    If I drop to 100 Mbps service for $50/Month the data cap is 1TB.
    Ordered the service at 10pm Sunday, Installed 8:30am the following Tuesday.
    I’ve been with AT&T/Bellsouth/South Central Bell for 25 years so a 1 year commitment is no biggie, I don’t remember reading about a time commitment anyway when I signed up.

    My biggest bottleneck is now my Wireless routers. They seem to limit me to 220 Mbps up and down, which is hardly an issue. I have an AC router coming from Newegg tomorrow which should eliminate that bottleneck.

  • horror666

    YouTubes service is trash.You dont need those speeds to download any of their videos in more than seconds yet many of their videos wont even load after 5 minutes. Youtube has been the problem since I had 5mbs download (years ago).

  • I am curious about what the fees come to as well. I have the ability to sign-up for gigabit and uverse u200 package for $120 per month for 2 years with 1 year commitment with no install fee in a new home we are building. We close on the house in less than 3 weeks. If it is less than $25 I am planning to give it a shot, but I do have to pay like $100 to get out of my current Comcast contract of 75Mbps and less TV channels.

  • Albert G

    I got the Giga service, and HATE it, speeds are NOT consistent, it fluctues from 10mpbs (yes 10), to 180mbps. HATE IT

  • John Doe

    Complete bullshit in my opinion. I’ve had the service for months now, and i’ve probably only broken the 300-400 mbps mark once.

  • DO NOT USE/ Wait for a competitor’s gigabit service. That is very high prices. I have gigabit internet, both upload and download test at over 900mb/s every time I test, for $69/mo- NO DATA CAPS. I mostly browse/surf, but do watch a couple hours of video a day in 4k. I used 1.5TB/mo routinely. If you watch say 4-6 hours of 4k netflix per day all month, you’ll use 3TB/mo easily. Those data caps are ve4ry very small when 4k video is part of the equation. So, That’s $120/mo , double what the service should cost.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience. Did the new router help? Which model was it?

  • What kind of router are you using with it? Have you had AT&T troubleshoot your service?

  • What kind of router are you using with it? Have you had AT&T troubleshoot your service? I’m curious and trying to gather real world experiences. Thanks!

  • Where do you live that you have multiple gigabit Internet services? Unfortunately, I don’t think most of us have that luxury!

  • Albert G

    Im using the ATT modem/router, and from there directly to the PC via wire and wireless
    On yeh wire, speed is a bit better but still not consisten, on wireless, not even talk about it.
    3 different ATT tech came over, 2 replace the ATT box, the last one didn’t do much

  • I am in Fayetteville Arkansas. Gigabit is new here, it’s thru the local electric co-op and AT&T’s giga service is here, too. And, yeah, I am blessed. $60 for 1,000mb upload and download. tonight I was playing around and had TEN HD streams going simultaneously with absolutely no buffering. So nasty!

  • What city do you live in? Do you know anyone else that has GigaPower service in your area? Do they see similar issues?

    As I’ve seen with other Internet services in the past, often service quality can vary based on location. It’s very possible that your area has issues and so it would be good to get more information about that so others in your area can confirm or at least be aware. Thanks!

  • I’ve never thought about living in Arkansas before 🙂

  • ikr! But, seriously. Green State (medical), Medicaid expansion in full effect, gigabit internet, and some of the best rental rates in the country! Weather is good, too. :p

  • Daniel Kruczek

    Austin, TX and we’ve had Gigapower for quite a while, but haven’t really been happy with the speeds. I just tested and got 75Mbps down. Reset the gateway and got 141. Should I have AT&T out to check it?

  • Assuming that the problem isn’t somewhere inside your network or with your computer, then absolutely call them. You should be getting speeds close to 1000 Mb/s on both download and upload. See some of the comments in this section from people showing those types of speeds from Gigapower.

  • Myller

    Is this with on wifi? I am getting similar speeds up in Round Rock with Wifi. Havent tested with hard wired yet. The modem can handle 1000+ on wifi and my macbook can handle 1000+ so why would the wifi be 15% of the speeds. sucks in my opinion. I’ve only had it for a couple days

  • Daniel Kruczek

    This is a wired connection. I contacted customer support and they said that I had a bad router. They are sending me an updated version. It’s supposed to be here today, so I’ll post an update once I have it installed and tested.

  • Myller

    Oh ok. yeah over wifi I am getting 150-250 up/down. Will be able to test wired this weekend. Just ordered an adapter for the macbook. I was hoping to get a lot more honestly

  • frank

    I install fiber every day and from my experience the adapters for MacBook are limited to 94mbps. The most I’ve been able to get on Wi-Fi was around 500 up and down. Cell phones reach about 250 up and down. Wi-Fi speeds also depend on which band you’re connected to. The 2.4ghz will give you about 75 up and down. Ask for the 210 gateway, it has smart Wi-Fi and it will give you the best Wi-Fi speeds over any other gateway. If you have a larger home, ask a technician to install an Airtie extender which works great to give you the best Wi-Fi coverage. The airties cost 35$

  • frank

    I would ask for a tech to come out and look over all connection points. Your issue could be anywhere. Where is the ONT installed? What is the light level? Is the gateway located next to the ONT?

  • Daniel Kruczek

    I got the new RG installed (5268AC) but still have the slow speeds (103 down/190 up). They are coming to check the line tomorrow

  • J Lewis

    If AT&T would quit throttling YouTube traffic, I would be happy.

  • Chris M.

    Sorry to interject and be 9 months late but why use Cat5e when it has a top end rated performance of only 1Gbps? as in, if it is running at 100% efficiency (which we know never happens in the real world) it will only be able to produce 1Gbps, max (this explains why you NEVER saw a true 1000mbps). Cat6 cables have been available for awhile now which have a basement rating of 1Gbps and a theoretical max of 10Gbps @500Mhz transmitted speed and now we have the newest addition to the cable family, Cat7, which also has a basement speed of 1Gbps and a theoretical max of 10Gbps but it can transfer at 600Mhz, basically just giving you an increased ability to achieve theoretical max and giving you a lower latency between devices…

    Just thoughts from a stranger!

  • Jagsfanforlife

    Well your network interface card will likely only be a 1 GB capable card anyway. A network is only as fast as the slowest component in the link.

  • Klerk

    Questions and no answers from ATT.

    Current set up: Direct TV w/Comcast internet. Our 20 yr home is slab on grade wired with coax throughout but Comcast internet service is routed via dedicated exterior coax cable into a converted attic. Direct TV is routed via the coax within the house via exterior cable box.

    We’re looking at buying a bundled service (U-verse + 1000 Internet) or adding Xfinity (also bundled) to our existing Comcast internet.


    Can ATT GigaPower connect to coax?

    Can ATT U-verse connect to coax when bundled with GigaPower?

    If Cat6 is required on the interior will the ATT technician pull the cable?

    In case anyone asks the NIC on my PC will support 1GB.


  • Steve Severin

    What is the data cap?

  • If his house was already wired with Cat 5e (as is very common) then it would be a significant undertaking replace it. I highly doubt the cabling was the issue if he was only seeing 200-500 normally.

  • I don’t know the answer 100%, but I believe GigaPower can not use coax. As far as U-Verse TV service, I’ve never seen it use coax before, but I can’t be certain.

    It’s almost for certain that an AT&T technician will not pull ethernet cable on the inside of a house to connect devices. They will, however, pull whatever cable is required to bring the service into the house to their “modem”.

  • Klerk

    Thanks for the reply. I have a slot to have GigaPower installed on Saturday AM so I’ll report back. The answers from ATT Customer Support were mixed but I figured if ATT felt it was worth the expense to lay fiber in our 20 yr old development then it’s probably going to work.
    Fingers crossed.

  • Klerk

    So the ATT technician didn’t want to run fiber cable up to the third story office. My guess is that he either didn’t have or didn’t want to deal with attaching the necessary conduit through which the fiber cable itself would run. The ATT technician instead punched through an exterior wall near a TV on the first floor and then ran Cat5e up the exterior side of the house into the third floor office where our router/PC’s are located.
    Everything runs fine except that my third floor office router is throttling throughput to 100 Mbps. I’m hoping that I can address it by converting it into a switch (reading up on how to do that).

  • rlippman

    Did you ever get that router? The supplied router they give does not do well. Before gigabit service I used a Netgear Nighthawk 1750, had it in the basement and it worked on 1st and 2nd floor without any issues. Is there a way to use my not so old router? If so, is there non technical instructions to follow?

  • TrDaTruth

    I jus had my AT&T internet 1000 installed today. I made the jump from xfinity due to their poor customer service and constant service outages that seemed to intensify the past 2 months also paying less money than what I was paying with xfinity while receiving 10x more speed was icing on the cake. The technician was here for about 2 hours the setup was easy. The speed is faster than any internet I’ve had before my speed test was done wireless because I have to get a cat6a cable to test it wired but I’m alright with it being wireless at the moment

  • Noodlehead

    Gigapower could be run over coax
    since that’s essentially the same as the cable internet service. But
    it would require a media converter etc. So essentially they won’t do
    it. But it technically can be done with equipment. Running fiber to a
    single room in a home doesn’t make sense. What if you have a baby and
    that room becomes the new baby room? It just doesn’t make sense. A
    home run approach or structured wiring is the correct way to do it.
    Same with any new service. Run main feed to a utility area, generally
    by the breaker panel. The remainder can be run with Cat6(minimum
    now). The (modem) unit can be fed with Cat6 anywhere in the house.

    Klerk, You just need a better router with gigabit ports. I have a
    Netgear X4S R7800 that works pretty well. A little pricey but it has plenty of capability for future use without being too crazy priced.
    I’m almost sure your router has 10/100 RJ45ports on it. You can
    probably use the old router as a wifi access point if needed.
    Essentially all an access point does is convert a better wired
    connection to a wireless receiver for your wifi devices. That allows
    you to expand your coverage for wifi.
    Due to risks of damage and time required. They will not generally run Cat6 inside the home. That is normally done by a wiring contractor. Some electricians will do it.

  • Noodlehead

    Just because the Router supposedly can handle 1000+ doesn’t mean that’s what you’re connected at. Wifi speeds drop depending on distance and location. Your individual device may not actually be connected at more than a few hundred. Then you need some headroom normally. That’s why a gig will usually give 900+. A wired connection with a gig NIC is required to get accurate results. Also plugged directly in to the ONT bypassing the router will give the best most accurate results. Many routers are still being sold with 100mb ports but claiming blazing speeds and 450mb blah blah.

  • Noodlehead

    Yes just look up using old router as access point. Check your router for AP or access point options. Or you may just want to get an actual Access Point and set that up since it’s more universal and could be simpler. Ubiquiti makes excellent units. You essentially plug in a wired connection and it converts the wifi to the wired.
    Or the other option is disable everything on the supplied router, or remove completely if possible. You may need to set up a DMZ to your old router IP or forward all ports and internet traffic.Then use your own router. Lots of instructions online and videos for particular models.

  • Noodlehead

    haha No such thing as overkill 🙂

  • Noodlehead

    Generally speaking they will not run through attics or in walls. They will take the easiest simplest path which is around on the outside and just punch through the wall where needed. Normally the best practice is to have fiber terminate in the unfinished area of your home normally by the breaker panel. Then have Cat6 run to wherever needed.

  • Noodlehead

    I was passing through Madison, WI and noticed what appears to be Fiber conduit being installed all over an area. Line boring under roads and digging and flagging near pedestals labeled AT&T. They are on the map as underway. I heard a rumor Madison was getting Gigapower. Maybe they are actually in process.

  • Klerk

    My router has gigabit ports. The problem was the cable connected to the router. In any case I reside in a townhouse which is on a slab and they didn’t pay much attention to the wiring when built 20 yrs ago when it came to room layouts.

    Breaker panel is in garage in front of the unit, Fiber is in the rear.

  • Tim Turner

    I live in a 105 year old house (give or take a few) and it’s already here in OKC. They came around pushing it door to door, but haven’t heard a word since then. It shows available in my At&T wireless account, but I’m extremely hesitant to get in deeper with AT&T’s customer service….or lack thereof. Just read the reviews.

  • Tim Turner

    How much Cat cable does one need? Doesn’t it just run from their box outside into the house?

  • In this context, the original commenter mentioned that his house was internally networked with CAT 5E, which is rated up to 1Ghz speeds. That is not relevant when discussing them getting the service into your house. They’ll manage the wiring to your modem. From there, it is up to you how you network it inside your house, which may be minimal.

  • Certainly the quality of customer service is nothing to discount, but in my experience, when dealing with large companies like AT&T, a lot of the experience has to do with the individual support person you deal with at the time. So it can be possible to get very good or very poor service from a company depending on the person you happen to be talking to at the time.

    That being said, I just recommended that a client get AT&T fiber service at their house. They went from about 24 Mbps on the old DSL service to 100 Mbps with fiber and paid $2/month LESS for it! So far, about a month or more in, the client loves the service and the install went very smoothly. So your experience may vary, but if you can get better service and not pay much more (or even pay less), I think it might be worth the attempt.

  • Jeff

    You will get great speeds at first. I could do speed test on 6 devices at once and peg them all out. At&t provides a very powerful wireless router with the service. As more and more neighbors get the service your speeds will diminish. I had ATT out 6 times to fix it. They changed out everything and didn’t fix nothing. They had no answers. I told the tech on 2 different occasions that it was the amount of power the router was putting out and that the neighbors routers were interfering. He was like nope. I asked then why are my wireless boxes in on the side of the house closes to the neighbors keep losing sigmal?? Still no answer. So I told ATT if they can’t give me 1000 then I’m not paying for 1000…. Don’t get dropp.

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