Fix for Eject button on Network icon in Sidebar (Mac OS X)

I love my shiny new MacBook Pro. However, until just a few mintues ago, one thing was annoying me. If I would try to choose Network from the Go menu in the Finder, nothing would happen. Upon further investigation, I also noticed that the Network icon in the sidebar had an eject button attached to it. I knew this was not supposed to be the case (how can you “eject” the “network”?). I recalled that I had this problem a few years ago on my G4 desktop and that I had solved it after doing some Internet research. However, I could not remember how I solved it, so I went back to the Internet and tried to find the solution. After many searches over the course of a day, I could not find a solution – which is strange for me because I almost always find solutions to problems like this fairly quickly. However, I did find a few references to people having the same problem, so I knew I wasn’t crazy. Still, I was without a solution. Not that it was a really big problem, but I don’t like being annoyed – especially by a brand new Mac. Therefore, using my mystical technology powers, I divined a solution. OK, it was just a well-educated hunch, but still, maybe I do have mystical powers.

I downloaded, installed, and opened OnyX 1.8.0b1 ( After letting OnyX verify my Startup Volume, I clicked on the Maintenance icon in the toolbar, then the tab labeled “Reset”, then checked the option for “Sidebar of Finder windows”. I clicked the Execute button, heeded the warning message, and clicked the Continue button. OnyX did it’s magic, restarted the Finder, and voila! problem solved.

I have posted this fix because I had such difficulty finding a solution myself, I thought I would help other users who might encounter this problem in the future (and just in case I forget again …)
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