Can Your Computer Ruin Your Life?

Marcel BrownIs it possible for your computer to ruin your life? Apparently so. I recently read an article describing a situation where in fact this did happen. A man’s work laptop was discovered to have pornographic material. He claimed he had no idea the material was on the computer. He was fired and had criminal charges brought against him. It was later proven that the computer given to him by his employer was not properly protected and all the material was downloaded to his computer by spyware. Charges were dropped and he is now suing his employer. But the damage was done as his reputation has been ruined.

You should take a moment to read the article, titled “Malware Destroyed a Man’s Life“.

I’ve noticed that malware has become increasingly stubborn and efficient lately. Windows computers without the latest virus and spyware protection are very susceptible to being compromised. If you are not sure of the status of your protection, do yourself a favor and have your computer checked for spyware and viruses. Make sure that your malware protection is recent and up-to-date. Do not let you or your family be vulnerable to malicious software when it could be easily prevented. Or if you own a business, you are putting yourself at risk if you don’t protect the computers your employees use.

Let the story about this poor man’s plight serve as a wake up call. Computers and technology are a far too critical part of our lives and businesses to take them for granted anymore. If you aren’t having preventative maintenance done to your or your company’s computers, you are setting yourself up for major problems.

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