September FYI – See Less of Your IT Guy? Why!?

Recently, Reader’s Digest published an article titled “13 Things your Computer Person Won’t Tell you“. (A word of warning – I don’t agree with every item on this list!). Number 10 on that list is “If you want to see less of me, get a Mac”. The “computer person” quoted in that list says “Macs are actually a little bad for my business.” I certainly agree with the core idea of this item, namely that Macs are more reliable and easier to use than Windows machines. But I have little pity for the guy who claims he is losing business because his clients are switching to Macs. He, like so many other “computer guys”, are only helping to propagate the myth that IT professionals are only needed to fix computer problems. Rather, instead of only responding to problems, Macs allow IT professionals to spend more time helping our clients do productive things. Those of us who concentrate on helping our clients do more with their technology will be the IT professionals that are truly respected. As our society becomes more tech-savvy, people are becoming less and less tolerant of bad technology and look to those who recommend technology that “just works”. So … are you ready for your Mac now?