Critical Advisory for HP & Compaq Laptop Owners

c01546159.jpgMany Models Suffer from Manufacturing Flaw; Update Available to Reduce Likelihood of Failure; Warranty Extension for Affected Units
A serious hardware problem with a large number of HP & Compaq laptops sold during the last 2 – 3 years has been identified by the manufacturer. HP has released system updates designed to reduce the likelihood of failure for those models. Owners of models that are showing symptoms of the failure are eligible to have an additional year added to their standard warranty and have their laptops repaired at no cost.

We at The Tech Spot have seen several of these laptops in the last month showing symptoms of this manufacturing flaw. We advise owners of these laptops to have them evaluated immediately. We can perform this evaluation as part of our Computer Tune-Up Service.

The manufacturing flaw can cause damage to the laptop’s wireless networking and video systems. In severe cases, it can cause the laptop to not boot. Laptops affected include the HP Pavilion dv2000/dv6000/dv9000, Compaq Presario v3000/v6000, and Compaq Presario F500 models. In our testing, we believe other models may be affected by this flaw that HP has not yet publicly acknowledged. Given the high number of laptops we have seen lately, we also believe that these models were very popular and many people could be affected by this flaw.

As part of our Computer Tune-Up Service, The Tech Spot will evaluate HP & Compaq laptops to see if they are an affected model and install any applicable updates. If your laptop is showing symptoms of this flaw, we can also diagnose the symptoms to confirm that the laptop has this flaw.

Contact The Tech Spot by e-mail at or call us at 618-288-7321 immediately if you own or think you own one of the affected laptops. The sooner the update can be applied, the more likely your laptop will not be affected. Also, if your laptop is affected by the flaw, you must contact HP within 2 years of your purchase date to have the laptop repaired under extended warranty.

Please forward this message on to any HP/Compaq laptop owners you may know. As mentioned before, we believe this laptop was very popular and many people may own one of these laptops.