Tech Toy of the Month: Amazon Kindle 2

kindle2.jpegThis particular Tech Toy, now in its second revision, has been a fairly unknown device to this point. However, it is now starting to get more attention from some mainstream media in part due to some controversy. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Not that this device is generating the bad publicity, but rather those that fear it are doing more to publicize it by complaining about it.

The Kindle is a wireless, portable, e-book reading device. Lighter than a paperback and as thin as a magazine, the Kindle lets you download books in less than 60 seconds and hold over 1500 books in its memory. The Kindle, or devices like it, have the potential to do for books what the iPod did for music. Today it is not uncommon for people to carry their entire music collection with them. Soon it may be the same for their library.

I won’t try to explain every feature of the Kindle, as Amazon’s web site does a great job of it.

As with other recent media technologies, certain media groups are complaining that this new technology could hurt their business models. It seems to me that those who embrace new technology and figure out how to best make money with the new technology do a lot better than those who fight to keep the status quo.

If you enjoy reading books, newspapers, or magazines, the Amazon Kindle 2 may be in your future. Be sure to read more about this device, as it has the potential to be a much sought after device if it keeps getting more and more publicity.

If you have any ideas for future Tech Toys of the Month, send them in today!