Free Battery Check for MacBook and MacBook Pro Owners

MBP.jpgNew Diagnostic Software Tests for Previously Difficult to Determine Battery Failures
If you own or know anyone who owns a MacBook or MacBook Pro laptop that is still covered by standard warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan, The Tech Spot is now offering to test the batteries in these laptops for free. A new diagnostic software tool provided by Apple can definitively detect bad batteries in these laptops. If still under warranty, users can have their failed batteries replaced at no charge.

Previously, MacBook or MacBook Pro owners who believed their batteries were malfunctioning had a difficult time proving their batteries were actually problematic as compared to batteries which were simply “consumed”. With the new diagnostic software, Apple Authorized Service Providers, such as The Tech Spot, can quickly and easily determine if a battery qualifies for a warranty replacement.

Contact The Tech Spot by replying to this e-mail or call us at 618-288-7321 as soon as possible if you own a MacBook or MacBook Pro. This diagnostic test can only be performed at an Apple Authorized Service Provider and for a failed battery to qualify for replacement, the laptop or battery must still be within warranty and not used beyond what Apple considers “consumed”. As many of these laptops are probably approaching these limits, it would be in the owners’ best interest to have this test performed sooner than later.