Tech Toy of the Month: Analog Ruler with Digital Display

ruler.jpgWhile you can’t yet buy this tech toy, I thought it was interesting enough to talk about. Basically, imagine a regular wooden ruler … except that the ruler has no markings. Yet it can measure extremely accurately. How? Read on …

Basically, you lay the ruler down and place a pencil (or pencil-like object) at some point on the ruler. Then you can draw along the ruler and the measurement is displayed in its digital display. You can also simply touch points along the ruler and the measurements are displayed. The ruler is able to calculate the measurements by using sensors along its side. Read some more about this new type of ruler here.

While this particular device may or may not be a commercial success, it uses technology that certainly will be used in other applications. Look for similar devices to hit the market soon. Just remember, you read about it here first!