Will Your Laptop Make it to Graduation?

Marcel Brown Over the next month, droves of students will descend upon college campuses all over the country. Many of them will also be bringing along their laptops. While I can’t honestly give a number, based on my experience in the computer service field, I know that a great many laptops will not make it to graduation with their student owners. To help more students keep their laptops safe and sound (and keep their parents happy too!), I have a few tips.

First, laptops must be kept safe from theft. I wrote an article about keeping laptops safe from theft last year, so I will refer you to read it again. Do take the advice I give very seriously. Laptops are easy to steal and are highly coveted by thieves.

Second, it amazes me how many laptops we see that have been damaged from liquid spills. It seems a disproportionate number of these are owned by college students. Rule #1: keep liquids away from your laptop! No matter how careful you think you will be, any number of things can happen to cause a glass to tip over and flood your laptop. As much as possible, do not keep glasses or bottles on the same table as your laptop. Put them on another table or surface. If you do end up with a liquid container near your laptop, make sure you remove it if you step away from your laptop. At least if you’re near it, you can somewhat control it. But many liquid spills happen when the laptop owner has left a container near their laptop and someone else (or a pet) accidentally knocks it over.

Finally, I have seen many laptops that have been damaged in some extremely strange ways. It wasn’t all that long ago that I lived in a dorm – I know that some crazy things can happen. But please, for you and your laptop’s sake, keep your laptop in a safe, secure location when you are not using it. Leaving a laptop out where it can get knocked over, kicked, stepped on, or otherwise mangled is just asking for trouble! Keep your laptop in a sturdy case and put it in a closet or other secure location when you are not using it. Also, never keep a laptop (or any computer) near an open window. Rain storms can come suddenly and if you are not around, your laptop may just get an unwelcomed shower. Trust me, I’ve seen the aftermath.

If you follow these tips, you will greatly increase the odds that your laptop will be there with you when you graduate. Feel free to discuss this article on The Tech Spot’s social networking site, http://thetechspot.ning.com.