Scares, Scams, and Ransoms: It’s Anti-Virus Update Month!

Marcel BrownIt’s November and that can mean only one thing: it’s time for Windows users to update their anti-virus software! It seems that each year, malicious software written for Windows gets trickier and more persistent. For this reason it is imperative that Windows users keep their anti-virus software updated with each new yearly release. It isn’t enough to only keep the anti-virus definitions updated.

In the last two years, a relatively new type of malicious software has become extremely prevalent. Known as rougeware, scamware, or scareware, this type of “virus” (they are technically categorized as spyware, not true viruses) has quickly become the most widespread and efficient form of malicious software to ever infect Windows systems. The great majority of virus cleanups we perform are due to scam/scarewares.

And now, a new trend is ransomware: malicious software that encrypts your data, then demands a payment to decrypt it!

As I’ve said many times, the ultimate solution is to move to a platform that is not so vulnerable to viruses, such as the Mac. But if you can not or are not yet ready to switch away from Windows, it is absolutely imperative that you run a current version of quality anti-virus software and keep it updated. For the month of November, The Tech Spot is offering 50% off Trend Micro Internet Security when purchased as part of a Computer Tune-Up. Call or contact us today to schedule your Computer Tune-Up!