Twice as Nice!

Marcel BrownThere is a relatively simple way to make yourself more productive when using your computer. It is commonly used today in certain industries, but I think more people would make use of this method if they realized how easy and inexpensive it has become to do so. I am talking about using two monitors on your computer.

It used to be that monitors were expensive and not many computers could easily support two or more monitors. Today, monitors are relatively inexpensive and most computers produced in the last two years can easily support two monitors.

Many people scoff at the thought of using two monitors. They think that using more than one monitor is a luxury or it is something that only highly technical users want. However, the reality is that as average users make more use of their computers, having more screen “real estate” can help everyone be more productive. It is a simple matter of being able to efficiently manage all the windows a user keeps open on their computer and being able to see more at one time quicker. If you don’t believe me, simply ask someone who does use more than one monitor and see what they think. If you try it for yourself, you will become quickly hooked.

One of the more common examples of the use of multiple monitors is in the financial industry. For many years, people in finance have used multiple monitors to help them keep an eye on the status of the various markets they monitor. Because they can keep the tickers and graphs of the markets open on their second monitor, they can use their primary monitor to do their regular tasks. Similarly, other users can use their second monitor to place windows that they like to keep an eye on but not necessarily in front of mind. One very common use of a second monitor is to keep e-mail or a news web site open. For those who own a laptop, using an external monitor in combination with their laptop screen is an easy way to have the advantage of two monitors, especially if attached to a docking station or port replicator.

So if you are looking to splurge on yourself a little this holiday season, consider a new monitor for yourself. If you aren’t sure if your computer can handle multiple monitors, feel free to contact me!