You’ve Just Lost All Your Data … Now What?

Marcel BrownJust in the last month I’ve had two clients have their hard drives fail. One had their data backed up and I was able to restore their computer back the way it was. The other was not so prepared and ended up losing a lot of valuable data. This client might have been able to have the data rescued by a data recovery specialist company, but those companies charge at least $700 and usually between $1000 – $1500. If your hard drive were to fail right now, which scenario would you be experiencing?

Many users put off purchasing a backup system because they think they are too expensive. Too many users do not realize just how valuable their data is until they lose it. Business data, financial information, irreplaceable pictures, school work … I’ve seen way too many users suffer needlessly when a simple backup system would have saved their data. The good news is that simple backup systems for home users can be less than $200 and good backup systems suitable for businesses can be $400 or less. Compared to the devastation from losing data, or the price of a data recovery specialist, the cost of a backup system is negligible.

If your New Year’s resolution didn’t include protecting your data, it is not too late. Contact me today, let’s talk about what kind of data you need protecting, and I can recommend a backup solution that keep your data safe without breaking the bank.