iCredit Card

Marcel BrownThe ability to take credit cards is very important in today’s marketplace. For businesses with a storefront or an e-commerce web site, it is commonplace to set up the ability to take credit cards. However, for professionals that do on-site services, the ability to take credit cards has been an elusive target. For many years, wireless technologies were not up to the task. Also the equipment or services were expensive. Personally, as an on-site services professional, I’ve had to deal with this problem for many years. However, I can now happily state that I’ve found a great solution that is easy to use and fairly inexpensive.

The solution is an iPhone app simply named “Credit Card Terminal”, by a company called Inner Fence. The app was originally priced at $49, which is a great price compared to a normal credit card machine. However, the app has been priced at 99 cents for several months now, which essentially makes it free. More importantly, however, the monthly service fees are very reasonable. Inner Fence’s web site has more details on the service pricing.

The software basically allows you to enter in the customer’s credit card number, expiration date, CVV code, zip code, and amount of the transaction. Optionally, you may enter a lot more information about the client, including e-mail address. The e-mail address is important because you may then e-mail the client a credit card receipt. Once all the info is entered, if you turn the iPhone on its side, the client may sign for the transaction by using their finger as a pen. Turn the iPhone upright again and then simply press the “charge” button to process the transaction. In my experience, it only takes about 2 seconds to complete, which is usually faster than even in-store credit card transactions. A detailed list of features and screen pictures are on Inner Fence’s web site.

Overall, the Credit Card Terminal app has worked without problems and is extremely slick and polished. Everyone I’ve showed the app to has been very impressed with the app and wants to know more. If you need to take credit cards on-site and you own an iPhone (or are thinking of getting one), I can wholeheartedly recommend Inner Fence’s product.

If you have any questions about this product or any other technology topic, feel free to contact me today!