Spring Fever!

Marcel Brown
It is officially spring, and with spring comes outdoor activities which often involve water. But today, more and more people own mobile electronic devices like iPods and iPhones – and water and electronics don’t mix! I can’t tell you how many people told me they destroyed their device because it was in their pocket when they jumped in the pool. Or they were on a boat and they got soaked. Or they dropped it into a toilet, dog bowl, or sink of water. Others have had their devices get rained on. Especially if you have kids that own devices, the following tips might save you a lot of money!

First, I know of no warranty on an electronic device that covers liquid damage. So it’s going to cost you full price to replace your device if you soak it. Especially with fairly new phones you’re probably going to pay a lot more for a replacement because you’re not likely to get the subsidized price you got when you first bought the phone. Unless you like paying twice as much for a replacement phone, you should definitely not let yours get wet! There are potentially some insurance policies that cover accidental damage on electronic devices, but that’s an article for another time.

The bottom line, for your own sake, is to be very aware of your devices when around water, whether you are indoors or out. For example, let’s say you are in the kitchen boiling water. I would not carry your phone on your hip while doing this. Lean too far over the stove and the steam could get in your device. Leave it on the other side of the kitchen or better yet, leave your expensive device out of the kitchen altogether! There are lots of opportunities for liquid damage in a kitchen! Also, if you are outside you may not want to leave your device lying around. Rainstorms can come out of nowhere and you may forget that you left your phone outside. It may be best to leave the phone indoors depending on your activity. However, don’t forget that rain can come in through a window, so a windowsill may not be the best place for your device either! Finally, if you are in a bathroom and there is *any* chance of your device ending up in a toilet or sink, take precautions to make sure this doesn’t happen. Put your device in a bag or purse and don’t get it out again until you leave. But DO NOT swing your purse or bag over the water hazard lest it fall out and make a splash!

If you are frequently in an environment that is hostile to electronic equipment, you may want to consider a ruggedized case for your device. A common brand I recommend is Otter Box. Their products provide extra protection than most cases and some even provide some protection against liquid damage. The trade-off is that Otter Box cases are a little bulkier than most, but if you need to provide extra protection to your device, they can definitely be worth it. I have several clients that use Otter Box cases and they are very satisfied.

So again, simply be mindful of where your mobile electronic device is, especially when water is around or if rain seems likely. A little awareness could save you hundreds of dollars.

If you have any questions about any other technology topic, feel free to contact me today!