Tech Toy of the Month: Infinite USB Plug

infiniteusb.jpgI spend a lot of time reading about new technology products. Most of the time, the new products I read about are simply upgrades or new versions of old products. Yawn. But every so often I see something that makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it first. This month, I came across a concept product that I hope will make it to production soon. I think you’ll think the Infinite USB Plug is a good idea too.

As with most good technology products, the design is simple and obvious. Just look at the picture. Each USB cable has a pass-through USB port so you can stack a few USB devices into one port. Simple and convenient! This idea is great for laptops that have limited USB ports as has become the trend with many very small laptops. In one of the pictures on this page, it appears that they show a MacBook Air which does actually have only one USB port.

Unfortunately, the Infinite USB Plug is only a concept at this time, so don’t run out looking to purchase this product. But hopefully enough people will think it is a good idea and we will see this product out for sale sooner than later.

If there is a new technology device that you would like more information about, please contact me today!