Tech Toy of the Month: Resource Fitness visCycle

This is another example of an idea that I had a while back. So obviously I think it is a great product! But seriously, I think this is an example of the beginning of a new class of products. It solves a couple of problems in a very innovative way.

The idea is very simple: a stationary exercise bike that generates electricity.  By the recent reports and statistics on, for fitness centers, the amount of electricity produced could help significantly offset their power bill. They key to the visiCycle is that it does not require any additional equipment or rewiring for the building they will be used in.

Now imagine as this technology improves and more electricity can be generated – and not just from stationary bikes, but from other exercise equipment as well. Pretty soon fitness centers may become power plants! They would be profiting from the electricity they produce so they could lower or perhaps even eliminate membership fees. Perhaps they could even pay their members! If people could get paid to exercise, that would certainly help encourage fitness. So this product may be the forerunner to those that solve two big social problems – energy and obesity.

Read more about the visCycle at Resource Fitness’s website. If you have seen any interesting new technology devices, please let me know!