HP Smartphone and Tablet Buying Guide

HP TouchPad, RIPThis article is part of my Smartphone and Tablet Buying Guide. Make sure to read that article first for an overview of my recommendations.

When I first started writing my guide, HP had just launched their TouchPad tablet device. So I wanted to include them in the roundup. However, the answer is now very simple. HP is out of the game. Finished. Kaput. They gave up 6 weeks after launching the TouchPad. However, for the near future, you may find “bargain-basement” pricing on HP TouchPads and their smartphone lineup. However tempting it may be, that $99 tablet that sort of looks like an iPad is a dead product. Dead as a doornail. No updates will be released and no more apps will be developed for it. You’re buying this device as is, which isn’t saying much for the ill-fated, poorly-received product. Same for the HP/Palm phones. Please, just be careful and advise any of your friends and family the same. I’ve seen reports of people spending $300 on eBay for these virtually worthless devices now.