Marcel’s Smartphone and Tablet Buying Guide

Marcel Brown - The Most Trusted Name in TechnologyAs companies like HP tumble out of the smartphone and tablet market, others fall from prominence like RIM (“Blackberry”), and yet others like Microsoft try to get a foothold with Windows Phone 7 (and eventually Windows 8?), it can be difficult for an average consumer to filter through all the hype and make the best purchase decision possible. So I’ve prepared a guide to help you make the best purchase possible.

If you really want me to cut to the chase, I’ll do so here. The rest of my guide will simply back up my conclusion: you should only be looking to purchase an Apple iPhone or iPad. All the other products and the platforms they are based on have serious flaws or usability issues that should cause serious concern to anyone interested. If you trust me (you do trust me, don’t you?) then you can stop reading here, or go on and read more specifically which model of iPhone or iPad is best for you. But for the curious, feel free to read on for the gory details. I’ll try to keep it as non-techy as possible, I promise.


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