Do NOT Buy A Windows Phone!

Windows Put People First, NOTIf you were thinking about buying a Windows phone, do NOT buy one now. If you were unlucky enough to purchase one recently, most companies have at least a 30-day return policy. Try to get it exchanged for another phone (preferably an iPhone). If you purchased the phone more than 30 days ago, I would still try to get the phone exchanged anyway claiming false advertising or something similar.

I usually do not make such dire warnings about a technology product, but I usually do not see such blatant disregard for customers from a technology company either. Microsoft announced last week that they will not make their upcoming Windows 8 phone operating system available as an upgrade to existing Windows phones. We are talking about phones that at their oldest are a year and a half old. Even the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows phone that had a huge marketing campaign in full swing only a few months ago will not get an upgrade to what will be Microsoft’s flagship operating system in a few months.

Effectively Microsoft has just made all their current customers’ phones obsolete. Which is made inexcusable when they were just running the campaign for the Lumia 900 claiming that it was basically the world’s most advanced smartphone (which it clearly wasn’t) and all the others were some sort of “beta-test”. Now all the people who purchased those phones should feel like they’ve been duped, and everyone else should be very wary of anything that Microsoft says going forward.

One of Microsoft’s slogans for their Windows 7 Phones was “Put People First”. This slogan seems highly ironic now, doesn’t it? I guess Microsoft’s marketing slogans are only superficial, because when it comes to actually putting their loyal customers first, Microsoft doesn’t seem to follow their own advice.