Energy Deregulation Demystified

Demystifying DeregulationI’ve received a few questions recently about electricity deregulation. Simply put, it has been possible for several years now in the state of Illinois, as well as several other states, for homeowners and businesses to purchase electricity and natural gas from competing suppliers. The great news is that often this can result in significant savings on energy bills.

For people in my area, the company that delivers their electricity is Ameren. Ameren also usually supplies the power. If you look carefully at your electric bill, you will notice that the charges are broken down into two main sections: power and delivery. Ameren will always deliver the power because they are ones who own the infrastructure: the power lines, transformers, etc. But with deregulation, you can choose a company other than Ameren to supply your power. Since the companies all compete for your business, you have opportunity for lower prices.

As simple as it sounds, energy deregulation can be confusing at times, especially now that there are many companies out there trying to sell you deregulated power. The key is to work with someone you can trust. Luckily for me (and you) I know someone that has been in the energy deregulation field for several years now. He knows a great deal about energy deregulation. In fact, he is the author of an eBook that explains the ins and outs of the topic so that anyone can understand.

Mike Grimes, the author of Demystifying Deregulation, is owner of a local company called Commercial Energy Consultants, who represent many different deregulated energy companies. Mike is happy to give you the straight story on energy deregulation and help you save the most money possible. Feel free to give him a call at 877-212-1400.