Get Hip with Your Smartphone

iPhone HolsterIt amazes me how many people struggle with their smartphones. I’m not talking about struggling as in trying to figure out how to use them, but rather in carrying them around all day. Women are pretty lucky because they have purses, but most men I see attempt to carry their phones in their pockets. Depending on which pair of pants one is wearing, a smartphone in a pocket can be a big hassle. Because of the effort involved getting a smartphone in and out of a pocket (that phone with the huge screen isn’t quite so handy now, is it?), many smartphones are dropped. Additionally, many phones are cracked when they get sat on or people forget the phone is in their pocket and they jump in a swimming pool. Life doesn’t need to be like this! For years I’ve been carrying my phone around on my hip, even before the iPhone came out. Carrying your smartphone on your hip is very convenient, keeps the phone out of the way, yet lets you get to the phone quickly and easily. Even after all these years, I often am asked by people about the hip holster I use for my phone. So as a courtesy to those people who literally can’t seem to get a handle on their smartphone, here is my guide to getting hip with your smartphone.

The most important factor for a hip holster is safety. You do not want your smartphone to fall out of the holster, nor do you want your holster to slip off your hip. However, you need to be able to quickly release the phone as well as replace it securely in the holster with a minimum of effort. Luckily, I’ve come across a brand that has consistently delivered a safe and sturdy hip holster across several generations of smartphones I’ve owned. Because of that, I will make this article very straightforward: if you want a good hip holster head straight to the web site of Seidio. I’ve owned several of their products over the years and when I needed a new holster and case for my new iPhone 5S, I didn’t hesitate to go straight to Seidio again.

One of the great features of Seidio’s product line is that they make holsters that will fit “naked” phones (i.e. without cases), as well as various holsters that are designed to pair with the cases they sell. This is extremely important because generic holsters may not fit all cases very well and then you’ve got your smartphone hitting the pavement. With my previous iPhone, I did not use a case and went with their “naked” holster. I believe I dropped that iPhone only twice in two years, and just once because I fumbled the phone/holster transition (that’s what I get for trying to carry too many things at once). For my new iPhone 5S, I went with Seidio’s Surface case and matching holster. I like the Surface case because it is thin yet protective and the holster keeps the iPhone securely locked in place. As with previous Seidio holsters, this one also lets me quickly and easily release the iPhone and then replace it with a satisfying “click” sound that lets me know that it is secure on my hip.

Seidio makes cases for a variety of smartphones, so regardless of the brand you use, check out their product offerings and get hip with your smartphone today!